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Stupid movies we watched – SOORYAVANSHAM


So with the relaunch of our website we are gonna some stupid movies we watched back in 90s and 2000s. The series is titled “Stupid Movies We Watched”. So our first installment in this series is the legendary movie named “Sooryavansham”.



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A great majority of us have seen this movie because this is aired daily on SAT MAX (except IPL days) and by daily I really mean daily. That is because its SAT MAX has bought its right for the next hundred years.

Okay coming toward its appreciation. This movie of 1999 was a great commercial success starring Amitabh Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan.

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The above picture is of the lead role Thakur Bhanu Pratabh Singh. He had 3 sons out of which only 1 looked and 2 of them looked adopted.

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Here you can see the one who looked like his father. He was named “Heera” in the movie. I have no idea why someone would name his son after a dog. I expected other sons to have names like “Moti” or “Baadal” but they had normal names so it was evident that father only hated this particular son. Another reason of hatred was because Heera was illiterate and useless.


Heera was in love with a childhood friend but she rejected him and then Heera was found managing decoration of her wedding (This actually happened)

Later Heera fell in love with another educated lady but this time love was also from the other side so it was pretty much a same game.

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We were given a barish wala song like Shaan and Saima. Surprisingly the girl was wet but Amitabh ji was totally dry. No idea why

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Father didn’t approve of their love and was like “Tu hai he Kuttay ka bacha”

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Girl came  to defend her love and was like “Aap ne inka naam Heera kyun Rakha?”

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There was no use arguing. Thakur Bhanu Pratabh Singh said “Tu ghar se nikal ja waise bhi tujhse ghar pe koi economic benefit nahi hai”

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Heera was really poor now but he had to feed his wife and as our Guru Emraan Hashmi once said “Ghareebi jab darwaza khatkhatati hai to pyar khirki se bahar chala jata hai”. Heera started driving work to support his family.

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He miraculously grew ameer and became owner of a transport business like Karachi to Quetta Janaan coach service. The secret behind his success was the idea by Khaadim e Aala of female bus hostess.

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He started wearing suit and the barish girl was also qualified now and wore glasses. The now had a son aged 7-8 years.

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On the other hand the old man Amitabh was really sad. He missed his son and his other sons had daughters so there was no waaris scene as well.

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Amitabh met his grandson somewhere unaware of the relationship they share.

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They started meeting daily and became best buddies. The old man also gave piggy rides.

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The boy explained to Heera what his friend looked like by drawing beard on Heera’s pic and boom it was a revelation that Thakur Sahab was friend of his own grandson.

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This was the villain guy who wanted revenge from Thakur for something I don’t remember.

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Heera sent some kheer for his father through his son but villain guy put some poison in it like Olenna poisoned Joffrey.

Old Thakur vomited blood and was rushed to hospital and Heera was accused of poisoning his father the way Tyrion was accused for Joffrey. See GOT copies Sooryavansham.

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But old thakur came from the hospital saying he know who poisoned him. Then both Bhanu and Heera the father son duo beat the shit out of that villain guy and lived happily ever after.




The movie was loved by millions those days but you will hate each moment if you watch it now. More because it is aired so many times on TV that even Jaya Bachchan think Abhishek got another brother named Heera Thakur.


I hope you liked our take on SOORYAVANSHAM. We will be coming with many legendary movies like Hum Saath Saath Hain, Gupt, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and many more. Please also provide us with your valuable suggestions.



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