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The answer to “MUJHE KYUN NIKALA HAI?”


So during the past few days we have witnessed a guy asking the same question again and again “Mujhe Kyun nikala hai?”

Not only him but the family (specially daughter) of that naa-ehal guy is also creating a mess using the same question for her father. Unfortunately a large proportion of our country’s population is not much literate and still following and supporting the corrupt naa-ehal guy.

People have been making fun of them rather than educating them. (Me too :p)

But being a responsible citizen it is our duty to explain it to poor unaware people the reason and to spread the knowledge.



“So why do so many of our politicians carry Iqama? Has the Supreme Court disqualified NS on a petty issue? Here’s the story. Iqama is a residence permit issued to those employed in UAE. NS and his cabinet clearly didn’t need Iqama for residence purposes as they weren’t residing in UAE. They say they needed it for ease of travel. But they didn’t, as they all carried special passports that already guaranteed ease of travel. So why Iqama? The answer lies in the banking worlds of Switzerland. Under increasing International pressure, the Swiss banking authorities are being forced to disclose details of foreign residents maintaining accounts in Switzerland. These details are not compiled on the basis of nationalities, but by residencies. See the connection? Were the government of Pakistan to ever require Swiss authorities to disclose details of Pakistanis maintaining accounts there, those appearing on the Swiss system as UAE residents will be happily shielded. So if you r looting poor Pakistanis and want to safely stash away the cash in Swiss accounts, you would want to obtain residence of another country – ideally of a friendly country, that’s only a hop away from your hood. NS, his children, our ex-defense, finance, planning and many other ministers were using their Iqamas to evade discovery. But they forgot that for every crime, there’s a trail – and for every NS, there’s an SC!”


Kindly spread the message as much as you can to educate the poor people who are still supporting. Only education and proper knowledge can help us prosper and get rid of the corrupts. Please refrain from abusing others with differing political views.

majid khan
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