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11 stages of a Students Life

In every students’ life result anxiety is real, but its fun when you find a way to escape from the anxiety and laugh at your own self for a while!

We spotted a fun side of exam and results on Twitter and we thought its HILARIOUS!!!

1- When you seek something but it’s seeking you!

2- Because time = money

3- Things Desi Parents say all the time…

4- Where confidence in yourself is the first step!

5- When you’re happy because your friends are happy and its time to CE-LE-BRATEEEE!

6- When your friends show slight hints of superiority 😉

7- When you are waiting anxiously but you don’t wanna show it!

8- Kuch bhi ho bharam main halka nhn ana BOSS!

9- Jab sari maths apnay number add karney main lag jati hai phir aur kuch nhn bachta life main!

10- When you’re happy and you know it wali feels!

11- In the end you break it or you NAIL IT, because you the man!

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