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BAADSHAHO – The Layman Review


Hello everyone. First of all I would like to clear that I am not a critic. I have zero knowledge of screenplay, cinematography etc so my review is really the opinion of an ordinary guy. You may disagree with my opinion and correct me if I am wrong.



I watch a Bollywood movie only if the cast is impressive and a credible friend of mine has given a positive review. The trailer was quite disappointing but still i decided to watch the movie “Baadshaho”.

Emraan and Ajay duo starrer “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai” was one of the finest movies I have watched so my hopes were still high for Baadshaho even after the disappointing trailer.


A princess’ (Ileana D’Cruz) treasure is being seized by the government during the emergency of 1975. Her loyal bodyguard Bhavani vows to recover her treasure and assembles a team of four including himself, an all-rounder Dalia (Emraan Hashmi), a lock picking expert Tikla (Sanjay Mishra) and a good for nothing Sanjana (Esha Gupta). A few policemen who were trying to stop them.

The entries of Ajay, Emraan and Sanjay were theatrical to make people whistle. Emraan Hashmi was back in his old kissing king avatar with the item song of Sunny Leone which was quite catchy. Sanjay Mishra is an experienced actor but anyone can disappoint you when the script is weak and predictable. You can see the deceit and twist from a mile away. The fake Rajhistani accent of Ajay and Emraan was big turn off.

Some of the action sequences were a bit impressive but in the end made us just wait for the movie to end. A hundred times Ajay, Emraan and Sanjay tried dialogues to make them look badass but failed to create the magic that we saw in “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai”.

You will be wondering why Esha Gupta is hanging out with the Oceans Three throughout the movie.


I don’t know how many times people want us to listen “Rashk-e-Qamar”. There are around 150 versions of Rashk-e-Qamar already available in the market and still they came up with this. Rahat was good with the song but it is forgettable. The item number of Sunny Leone is catchy but not gonna last more than a week. A remix of “Keh dun tumhe” now named “Socha hai” is delivered in the end which was really really not needed.


You will like the movie if you are living in 2004.


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