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Nepotism is not always bad – Sanwal Esakhelvi and Zaw Ali in Coke Studio


Before the start of Coke Studio Season 10 we were expecting a lot. Specially from Danyal Zafar. It was because we all know what an enigma Ali Zafar is. We have seen Ali Zafar rising from zero to where he is now. So the expectations were a lot high.

The debut of Danyal Zafar was a big disappointment and people started bashing Coke Studio. I saw a lot of people losing faith on Coke Studio. The first episode needed to make an impact but even Momina failed to leave a mark with Danyal Zafar. I would reserve my opinion and you can decide yourself.

The song gave rise to social media activists bashing Coke Studio for promoting Nepotism. I apologize but I was one of them.

Ali Zafar later himself said “Danyal will have to prove himself if criticized”


But in episode 3 we were proved wrong. Sajjad Ali’s daughter Zaw made her Coke Studio debut and she gave the word “mesmerizing” a whole new meaning.

Sajjad Ali is a living legend of Pakistan and belong to a family with musical background. His past generations were classical singers so Sajjad was careful and launched Zaw after proper training and at the right time.


Same is the case with the son of legendary singer Ataullah Esakhelvi, Sanwal Esakhelvi. Hopes were again high after Zaw Ali’s performance and Sanwal didn’t let us down. People may not like the genre of the song but can’t criticize the vocals of Sanwal.

Talent needs to be promoted whether it is coming from a renowned family or is a diamond in the rough. Let’s see what comes up in the next episodes of Coke Studio Season 10. Nobody can satisfy 100% of the audience so eventually a great number of people will be bashing Coke Studio. Let’s hope for the best.



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