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Throwback to the time when Bonemarrow was needed for Prerna’s daughter

2003-2005 was my dark era when I became a tv serial addict. From 8pm to 10:30 pm I used to sit in front of tv watching Ekta Kapoor’s shitty work. I refer to that time as my “Daag Daar Maazi”.

We all know they were shitty serials but a lot of us used to watch them. In today’s piece I a m gonna discuss just one part of a famous serial of its time “Kasautii Zindagi Ki”

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Prerna and Anurag loved each other.

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They got married and had a daughter named “Sneha”

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Later she dumped Anurag and married Mr. Rishab Bajaj

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Prerna used to call her husand “Mr. Bajaj” even when they were alone or in bed or whatever. Respect


Sneha was later diagnosed with some disease for which bone marrow transplant was required. Doctors asked for Sneha’s siblings. There were no siblings so doctors asked them to plan another baby with the same parents.

Now this was awkward for Mr. Bajaj

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Mr. Bajaj was furious for a while but eventually he gave up and allowed Anurag and Prerna to mate again.


Anurag was now married to Aparna and was shown depressed. Maybe he was happy inside as he was asked to bang his ex. Maybe. . .

The next weekend Anurag and Prerna went to Simla to make a baby. Mr. Bajaj stayed at home furious and drinking

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I watched those episodes late night in the repeat telecast because of the obvious reasons. I was in class 9 and porn was not easily available those days so these scenes and topics were like garaibi. Anurag carried Prerna to the room and locked the door. No ganda scene was aired but it was really taboo.

This disease which made them plan another baby is the only thing which made me write this piece after so long. I asked a few doctor friends about this disease but they also failed to find any such issue.

Later a lot of shit happened and the baby grew up and became the villain but that is not the point of discussion today.

I would like to apologize for the long post. Here is a picture of Komolika to cheer you up

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