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Careem is like a blessing for a lot of Pakistanis now. It gave employments to thousands of individuals and also helped business and investors. Obviously nothing can be perfect so there has been complaints about performance etc. Sometime we also witnessed some absurd propaganda as you can see in the image below.

via: twitter

You guys can see the rickshaw having no number plate, not sure the brake lights and indicators work or not and I am sure there is no meter to calculate the amount of rightful fare. The blame is on jewish lobby.

This is not just from Rickshaw drivers but also by kaali peeli taxi owners who are furious as their monopoly is gone now and people are able to have luxury and safe rides at reasonable cost.

There is one more video I watched a few days back in which a lady was trying to expose the reality of Careem and UBER but her points made no sense. I tried looking for her video but couldn’t find it.


So here I am gonna share my own experience of a few days back

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