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Best of PAKISTAN v WORLDXI – Cricket ki Halalala


This was a legendary time when cricket actually came back to Pakistan after so long. We all have waited for so long and Lahore indeed gave a warm welcome to the amazing players from around the globe. The series of three cricket T20 matches gave us some really memorable moment and internet went full on crazy.

Let’s have a look at what the reactions of people were

You can clearly see how Pakistani fans love Dhoni and Kohli. We really wish to have them here.

Allama Mufti Hamza Ali Abbasi thanked NAJAM SETHI 😮

Afridi made an entrance to the Finale in Black Kurta

I don’t understand this one. Why Governor sahab uploaded his own photo to congratulate the Pakistan team? Also highlighting that he got Nishan-e-Imtiaz

The guest players were treated like heroes 🙂

I missed that run out i was driving 🙁

Pakistani food is really addictive.


I hope to see international matches in Karachi.

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