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Stephen King’s “IT” 2017 – THE LAYMAN REVIEW

Stephen King’s “IT” 2017 – THE LAYMAN REVIEW

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To be honest I hadn’t watched the original movie “IT” of 1990 till this June. When I saw the trailer of current “It” I really loved the clown and wanted to see this one so decided to watch the previous one.

I really liked the original movie but was disappointed with the two points. Once when the teens shot him using a sling shot and the demon clown was injured and in the end when the adults went to the tunnels and found a giant spider type thing. Maybe it was scary back in 1990 but didn’t work out quite well when I watched it in June 2017.



Please keep in mind that I am not a critic. I can’t judge the cinematography, screenplay and technical issues. I can only tell what an ordinary guy like me felt after watching the movie. You may disagree with my opinion and correct me if I am wrong.


The story takes place exactly in the same scenario as per the original movie and book just the timeline is changed. This whole movie is based on the first half of the original movie when the leading cast were in there teens.

A shape-shifting demon rises after every 27 years and feeds on victims’ fear. The demon rises this time in 1990 (1960 in the original movie) and the town kids started disappearing.

The cast is perfect and each kid’s acting is up to the mark. The clown looks better than the one in original movie. CGIs were amazing but I would rather claim Insidious to be more terrifying movie as compared to “It”. Maybe now we are used to of watching more realistic movies and we have watched so many shows in this genre that things are less terrifying for us now.


Serials like Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead made zombies so normal for us that now we are prepared to fight them in case of a zombie apocalypse. Stranger things made lost souls from another dimension normal for us and Supernatural removed the fear of all other things.

The movie was more hilarious than terrifying and there are instances when even the creepy clown will make you laugh. The movie is rated 18+ just because of the teenage slang used and I think even the kids below 13 won’t be afraid after watching the movie. The original movie had run-time of 3 hours in which both chapters were covered and the clown era ended. Here in the total run-time of above 2 hour 15 minutes and they covered only the chapter 1 and the teenage era of “The Losers Club” which made the audience feel a bit tired and I heard a few people saying “When will it end?”


Judging this movie as per the criteria of a horror movie won’t do justice so I am gonna rate it as an entertainment package.


Imagine a book of Stephen King re-written by R. L. Stine. This is what it looked like.


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