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Bahu Chaand Ka Tukra – Apna Beta Bhoosi Tukra

It is 21st century, and some of us seem to be still relying on practices of the past.

Here is What Happened


The above picture was recently shared by Soul Sisters Pakistan on their Facebook page. The message is presumably by a mother to a rishta wali aunty. It contains a list of requirements the female suitor needs to meet. This is what triggered outrage in the comments that followed.

People’s Reaction

First of all, people were NOT happy!

What is funny is irony in the list. What is the point of attending the top universities of Pakistan if one wanted to end up ”not doing the job or leave after getting married”?

Even more so, where the world is fighting to ensure that body shaming must cease and racism must disappear, we want ”Must be slim and fair in color”………

Here is What to Do

one word: l i b e r a t e.

I know the word ‘liberate’ sounds rebellious. It is because liberate… liberal… bagairti? No. Liberate literally translates to ”set (someone) free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression”. Give yourself the chance the think a little more freely. To accept and love people. To remove the beauty constraints. To abolish the stupid idea of daaktar bahu.