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JUMANJI 2 – A classic being ruined


Jumanji was a movie loved by millions in the legendary era of 90s. Robin Williams played the role so well setting a benchmark nobody is expected to break. If you watch the classic today you will feel the same excitement as if you are watching for the first time. You will still feel bad for Robin Williams trapped in the game for over two decades, you will be excited for whats gonna happen in the next move, you will be afraid of the hunter and you will still love the monkeys driving police vehicle. The visuals were incredible, the story was amazing and the end was summed up nicely.

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Zathura was made as a sequel but is forgettable. A couple of months back when I saw the poster of Jumanji 2 I was quite excited. It felt like my childhood was coming back again. I trust the acting capabilities of Rock but still I was a bit afraid they are gonna ruin it.

Let’s have a look at the trailer first before starting the critical analysis.



I am not a critic so will only discuss what I felt as an ordinary guy after this trailer.

The cast is good. People love Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart are perfect  for a movie to make it successful. But a hundred things are disappointing.

A board game was the beauty of that movie. the first line in this trailer. “Who plays board games anymore?”. Lots of people do and board games are making a huge comeback and there is nothing more mystical than a board game. Without the dice rolling it is not Jumanji. The movie could work just well if it was named “Game On” or “Welcome to the Jungle”.  Jumanji actually was epic because it seeped into our world with all of its wild creatures and we saw how it impacted the life of ordinary people of our environment. Here just a bunch of kids are absorbed by a video game and are also given special skills and abilities. The idea could really work in a standalone movie but not in the sequel of a classic.

Oh, and the main stars are only playing as computerized avatars of some wimpy teenage gamers, so now we’re met with gems of dialogue such as The Rock muttering “Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry” to himself and Jack Black saying “I like can’t even”. Really not the way I envisioned a follow up to a Robin Williams classic.


As an ordinary person but a die hard fan of the classic I will rate it 2/5. I will still watch it because of Rock and Jack Black but I am not gonna expect it to be a great movie. Will just go for entertainment.






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