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Mahira Khan Vs Twitter Trolls. The latest revelation:

I woke up this beautiful morning to Pakistani twitter going all mad over Mahira Khan. It took me a little while to figure out why the moral police was asking whether she was or not muslim anymore when someone quoted this tweet by Molana Hanzala Tayyab on my timeline. Here’s the tweet:

Molana Hanzala Tayyab has a very colorful history. He is a pro establishment, conservative, nationalist who is famous for running fake accounts. When not defending Islam or Pakistan, he is usually found drooling over western models and singers but being a self-righteous desi man, his tiny 2″ muslim masculinity does not allow a woman to smoke a cig. or wear short clothes.

When he was slapped by the famous media anchor person, Maria Memon, he replied:

What I couldn’t understand it that Mahira is an actress and not a muslim cleric or a nun. If you want to judge her, judge her work as an actress by all means. Why in heaven’s name would you judge an actress by the way the dresses or whether or not she smokes with her fellow actors?

Hanzala Tayyab is just one guy whose name popped up because he was the first one to tweet. The truth is way bitter. Half of the Pakistani twitter and facebook lost their cool. All the hidden taliban came out of their closets and started bashing Mahira and liberals.

When Momina Mustehsan tweeted in support, the same jihadists went mad for her choice of words. Yeah she choose the word Jesus, to express her disgust. Here you go:

This is not the first time Pakistanis reacted to such photos nor will it be the last time. Pakistanis have a superiority complex in terms of morality. To be very honest, this is just delusion and hypocrisy. Go and search where you stand in world ranking for watching porn? That totally reveals your true selves. All these moral cops who were demanding sharia laws and punishment for Mahira, they are the worst among hypocrites. Check their own cell phones, all you are gonna find is porn and nudes. Check their internet histories, their likes and your heads will fall in shame.

Listen up you little mullahs!

Your mosques are empty, you don’t offer our duties assigned to you by Allah. You disrespect your parents, you do every single thing which is forbidden in Islam and yet you have the audacity to judge a woman by her clothes? What are you if not a bunch of assholes?

Pardon me if my words are bitter or my language is not as “soft” as it is supposed to be. But before asking me to tone down, have a very good look at your own character. And read quran which says that the lowest and darkest of Hell is called Havia and that place is reserved for munafiqeen like you.
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