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Moral Brigade is furious because Mahira Khan is smoking

Whats the hobby of our people?



Recently a few pics went viral on the internet in which Mahira is seen smoking with Ranbir Kapoor in NYC.

via: twitter

The pics were enough to trigger the moral brigade and they came up with their own verdicts. Declaring people as kaafir is another one of our hobby.

Maria Memom tried to correct him

But the guy was not ready to LET OTHERS LIVE in fact he actually explained why it is okay to judge others

Well his concepts are twisted and needs to be cleared. NO YOU CAN’T JUDGE OTHERS.

Let me show you something more to make it clear why this guy shouldn’t be judging anyone

via: twitter
via: twitter

From the above pictures you can see the piety and virtue of a true Muslim who is judging Mahira for smoking a cigarette and wearing skirt.

Now I’m gonna show you the frustration level of a guy who zoomed the pic and found some sort of bite mark.

Junaid Akram tried to talk some sense

But sensible people are very few in our society. Keep in mind that nobody is defending Mahira but asking others to mind their own business. Have a look at what happens when Mahwash Ajaz just tried to remind others that everyone has right to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want

via: fb

It is also seen that the members of moral brigade are actually following the instagram and twitter accounts of all the celebrities like Mahira, Mawra etc. I have no idea why they follow if they have issues with their personalities. This is not the case with women only. Even obscene comments are seen on Fawad Khan and Osman Khalid Butt’s accounts.

Osman Khalid Butt was pissed off so he dealt with it really well

via: instagram

The war between Mahira Haters and Lover isn’t gonna stop soon


We need to understand a few basic things. Nothing gives us the right to judge someone’s faith. Why can’t we just leave things between a person and his/her God? If a lady is smoking let her smoke. Whatever a lady is wering that is none of our business. If Mahira is even dating Ranbir even that is none of our business. We have no right to dictate her. It is my humble request please unfollow the celebrities you have issues with and live your life happily.


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  1. I have just searched the screen shots of the tweets by the Hanzala that you have posted which do not exist on twitter. I presume you have either used a photoshop or been duped by photoshop. You should publically apologise to him and delete any content regarding him as you may be done for defamation based on photoshopped and fake tweets.

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