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Generation of Idiots-A prediction given by Albert Einstein


Looks like Albert Einstein’s fear has taken a shape of reality. If you notice the pictures (below), you will realize that it’s a true depiction of our social lives nowadays. Technology has taken over the charm of hanging out with our family and friends completely. No doubt, cellular phones and the social communication apps such as Whats App  and Facebook have made our lives easier. But I am sorry to say, our lives have been ruined too. Now, I will explain the reality of every picture one by one.





           Coffee with Friends:

                                     To plan a get together with friends over just a cup of coffee means to take a break from your busy life and relax for some time. You chit chat and gossip about everything. But, in the picture you can see that although friends are together, yet they are busy on their phones. Do you know why? Because they are putting up check-in status on Facebook, flaunting their social life. Sadly, they have no idea how badly they are wasting the precious moments.


                  A Day on the Beach:


                                   Wait…what?!!  Seriously??  Aren’t we supposed to play games on the beach with friends rather than soring our thumbs and wrists by holding the phone? This invention of technology called a cellular phone has played a crucial role in ruining the fun of a beach day. On one hand, you plan enthusiastically an outdoor trip with your friends but when the time comes, we all our reminded of our responsibility (sarcastically speaking) of informing everyone on Facebook of our sportsmen spirit… lol.  


              Cheering your Team:


                                         You plan to watch a live game with your friends in the stadium. This sounds fun because cheering for your team together is the most joyful moment of your life (this is what I believe). In the picture, you can see a guy standing with his friend but giving his undivided attention to his beloved phone. You know why? Because he was, most probably, discussing the whole game in his WhatsApp group. What a fool, right? Instead of creating a memory by enjoying every moment, the guy is ruining all the fun.



             Out on a Date:


                            Do you know why relationships fail? It’s because you keep on sharing every intimate detail with your friends. When you face a problem, you tell your friends. Even when on a date, instead of giving time to each other, the girl and the boy keeps on sharing everything with their friends, time by time (as you can see in the fourth picture above). What a shame!!! You are trying to know someone and establish a relationship as a result. But because of your phone in hand and messages popping up, you fail. So, take my advice, when you go on a date please switch off your mobile. You can share later.


              Enjoying the Sights:


                                  A road trip with friends is the best plan you can ever make, as they say: “to know someone better, travel together.”  Keeping this in mind, it is obvious that you are on it for some lots of fun and knowing your friends better too. But no, this doesn’t happen anymore. Instead you are their taking pictures, posting on social media, waiting anxiously for the comments and likes. As a result, ruining all the fun. As in the picture you can see that although friends are sitting together in a car but by having a closer look, you will notice that everyone is busy with their cellular phones, probably putting a status update of travelling to so and so place.



               Having Dinner:


                           Last but not the least, you got out on a dinner with friends, feeling accomplished that you all made it (you know, dinner plans are the toughest to implement. Well, that’s what my experience is). You arrived the decided place, order your food and the food arrives, finally.  But hey, what is going on here?!! Oh no… not again.  Huh? Don’t you know what’s happening? Well, everyone has started taking pictures of their as well other’s dishes. Taking picture of food is such a mandatory task these days but for me it’s annoying. Come on, just start eating. Why do you have to show others?


          Generation of Idiots:


                                     Albert Einstein was right by calling us “Generation of Idiots”. We have lost the true essence of happiness, fun and unity by giving our undivided attention to cellular phones. It reminds me of Mr. Bean who takes his Teddy everywhere, although it’s just a stuffed toy. Similarly, we all treat our phones like Teddy as well. I know, it is the best source of communication. I never denied. But that doesn’t mean to glue your eyes on it, the whole time. You can do it later. Maybe at night, before going to bed. Till then enjoy the moment.