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Nouman Ali Khan and the Hypocrisy of Pakistani Liberals

The last week of September has done one hell of job in exposing the double standards of Pakistanis. It started when a famous actress, Mahira Khan, was seen smoking in a back less short dress with a male co-worker. As always, it created a huge debate on Twitter and Facebook. Liberals started defending her saying it’s her personal matter. Mahira’s love/dating life has nothing to do with us. She is an actress and if anyone has a right to judge her they can judge her work.

The Mahira episode wasn’t quite over when Nouman Ali Khan scandal surfaced. A famous Pakistani American religious scholar’s alleged chats were leaked. Some screenshots and his photos. His fellow co-workers and his students accused him of inappropriate contact with his female students. All the hell broke lose once again.

The point, I want to discuss here is that those very same people who were defending Mahira were going all bonkers. Mahira can have a personal life but Nouman can’t. Mahira is a divorced woman, so she can see anyone. Nouman’s marriage is over but he can’t? Mahira is entitled to her freedom of choice but Nouman isn’t?

What kind of justification is this that since Nouman is a cleric and Mahira is an actress we will judge them differently? That’s now how it works. You talk about equality. That’s not equality; that’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. If you want them to leave Mahira alone for the choices she made, do the same. How can you ask Nouman to do what he preaches and do exactly opposite of what you speak in the very same moment?

The other group of that of fanatics who were declaring Mahira kafir. Dude, can we leave that to Allah Almighty? Fear for your own aakhirah. If you’re that pious, deactivate your accounts and don’t follow such news. The truth is that we, by our own behaviour, are defaming Islam as much as we can.

Islam is all about peace and forgiveness. Allah is Al-Rehman and Al-Rahim. And He is the Almighty and the omnipotent. It’s in His hands to judge someone or punish him or forgive him. Not yours! So why do we have to play God? Allah asks us to protect our Muslim brothers and sisters. Even if they’ve sinned. Not to spread it and to tell everyone but to keep their secret. Where are we heading?

It’s not an issue of feminism nor is it an issue of secularism. It is an issue of proving yourself right and everyone else wrong. It’s about worldly egos and nothing more. Think again, we don’t know Nouman Ali Khan or Mahira in person. We haven’t been in their shoes. We don’t even know their stories. Do we really need to be a part of these rumors and for what? Few retweets and fame on social media?

What kind of a person will do that? Are we really that petty? Is that what Islam expects us to do?

May Allah Almighty guide us all to the right path. Ameen!


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6 thoughts on “Nouman Ali Khan and the Hypocrisy of Pakistani Liberals

  1. What a stupid article. That cleric has taken a job to teach and preach people which by default put him on a higher pedestal and it does not end there people has accused him of blackmailing and bribing to continue his dirty game
    This is serious matter which could lead to his conviction. While does not work in any such capacity where she could be called hypocrite. Get a life .

    1. He is one person in this day and age who leaves a strong impact of what he says ( he puts a lot of effort in preparing those talks) and now look what he is facing? I am not surprised at all. It’s a sure sign that his preaching is working in the right direction.
      ” uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”. I pray may Allah protect him, aameen. Sura e Yousuf is very reassuring at such times.

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