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Another Molvi Caught Molesting A Young Girl | End Child Abuse

After a very hectic day at work, I came back home and opened Twitter. Only to fine my friends mad at this video. I played and I regret opening this video. Not that it’s something we haven’t heard about but because it’s something I’ll never get used to. A molvi molesting a child.

A few days back, another video went viral on social media where a bearded man was shown sexually abusing a little girl. Some people shared his photos and started a name and shame campaign. The man was later recognized as a molvi from northern Punjab.

Videos like these keep showing up and we keep silent. I saw people commenting bs under Malala’s videos. And I saw my people’s outrage against Mahira Khan and Qandeel Baloch. Some of them were advocating her brutal murder. I saw them abusing everyone who stood up for Mashal Khan. Not only this, I also saw people abusing Nouman Ali Khan and every other religious scholar without confirmation. What I didn’t see was them standing up against child abuse.

I am sure a lot of you will comment under this article stuff like Mahira was a slut, admin is pushing her liberal agenda and similar comments. But you guys will ignore the issue of real importance. Some will come to moral police me. Others will say leave the man, hide his sins.

This topic is very close to my heart because I personally know someone who was a victim of child abuse. She was molested by a molvi and even years of therapy weren’t enough. She’s 32 and she hasn’t married. She still has those nightmares. The point is that it effects the whole life of the victim. Their lives are no more the same. And imagine all these horrors happening to a child.

As parents we protect our kids from cold air, gravity and all the unseen evil. This girl was out because her parents knew that it’s safe. It was safe there. Their child was safe. But a predator was lying in wait.

So I’m sitting here today replying “no” to the multiple playdate invites I got for the summer. I don’t care if people brand me paranoid or helicopter parent, I don’t know how to deal with this. People come to me and tell me that I should let my kids go on the school field trips, and I want to shake them so badly! That no! I won’t.

I’ll be a paranoid emotional mess. Because our kids are not safe and we don’t speak up. 

We let them do this to our children. Today it was this girl, tomorrow, god forbid, it can be yours. For Gods sake! Wake up, we have real issues. Don’t you think it’s time to speak on the real issues? Let’s name and shame these beasts. And let’s make this world a safe place for out children once again.

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