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Pakistani Lecturer Found Sexually Harassing Women

Hi everyone! Meet Dr. Zeeshan Qader. He is PhD holder who happens to be a teacher at LUMS and NUST (as per his social profile say).

Here’s his legendary tweet which made me write on him today:

I was shocked to see these replies to different women by this guy. We all come across people who hold different opinions than ours. And we argue with them but the words we choose define us. This guys picked up on various women on social media and cussed at them. He used the worst possible language to shut them for holding different views.

We call such people trolls and usually block them and move on. The thing that made me write his being a lecturer. Not only is he a well educated person, but he is teaching at university level. What kind of example is this guy setting for his students?

A teacher is a role model for his students. Student look up to them and follow them. They want to be like their teachers. Now this guy is teaching his students to curse everyone who holds a different opinion. People like him are the ones who are actually responsible for the increasing intolerance in our society.

I used to wonder why Mashal was killed in his university. I guess I have got my answer. When teachers are themselves showing the worst of intolerance, we can expect nothing but extremism from the students.

Extremism that leads to sectarian violence and thus terrorism and terrorism has become Pakistan’s biggest problem. This kind of behaviour from a teacher is the last thing we can afford.



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