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These 90s Pakistani television ads are still unforgettable

A product’s success is partially dependant on the quality of its marketing and there is no doubt about this. Viewers like to watch advertisements that are upright in delivering the product’s objective strongly along with the effective storyline. Likewise, the 90s Pakistani ads are something that we cannot forget if we have watched them.

Although commercial advertising has changed a lot since its inception, there are some TV ads, which remain cherishing even after all those years.

Being a 90s Pakistani kid, we have some great memories related to such advertisements that we used to watch on television and rhyme them along.

Here is the list of all those ads that will dash you to the past:

Gogo Pan Masala:

Gogo Pan Masala was everyone’s quick mouth sweetening choice and I guess it still is. The very famous ad demonstrating few some hands stealing Pan from Daadi’s (grandmother) PaanDaan while Daadi reading a newspaper. The ad immediately turns, telling that new era has arrived and has brought Gogo with it. The ad continues by notifying the masala’s ingredients and that the entire family has switched to Gogo now.

Here, I felt sorry for Daadi who won’t be able to see her family members anymore who only visited her to steal Pan etc from her Paandaan. No wonder why we blame the modern world, sigh!

The ad closes with the catchy tagline:

Gogo Pan Masalay ki Kia Baat!


Dentonic tooth powder

If you don’t remember anything, you would remember that giggling monkey in the corner of the billboard. The ad is pretty simple animated one that shows a round-faced man hammering Dentonic letters on the billboard when a speeding car passes by and he slips down. That was when the monkey appears from the corner and giggles on him. The man threw letters on him, which pasted on the billboard and he also gets inserted into it with the toothbrush in one hand and Dentonic in other telling everyone to brush twice a day, blah blah…

The only catchy thing about this ad from 90s Pakistani ads was that giggling monkey that we used to resemble with our friends or siblings to tease them.


Candi Biscuit

We all like to munch on Candi biscuit, let’s accept that. The cinnamon and chocolate taste with sugar sprinkled on the top is all unique taste. The Candi advertisement was also a big hit back then that we still remember today.

The ad kicks off with two women praising Candi while taking bites and smiling. The ad folds quite quickly with the tagline from the woman saying:

Candi mai who khaas baat hai…

                                  (The KFC uncle in the picture continues)  Jo kisi aur mai kahan?”


Gillette Blue II

If you do not remember this advertisement from 90s Pakistani ads, then you will definitely do when you will hear its tagline. The ad shows a guy shaving in the washroom and an old man opening the door without even knocking, asks him If he is shaving? (Well, he could be up to something else as well, uncle!).

In normal circumstances, the person is only supposed to answer in Yes or No, but that guy started doing overacting all of a sudden and passing on unnecessary information about the Gillette razor. During all that, the uncle was as uninterested in the information as we are uninterested about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Anyways, the commercial ended up showing uncle depicting the same act as the guy and repeating the same weird tagline of:

“Pehla Blade karta hai Chan, Dusra Chun, Chachacha Cha…..”

The ad ends showing the guy busted the bathroom in the same ill manner of without knocking.

So, this was the throwback to some of the commercials from past. Hope you had a nostalgic time while recalling all of these.

Tell us more in comments about your favorite ad from the 90s.