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Javier Pena – The underrated badass from Narcos


Narcos is currently one of the most famous TV shows. The story of Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar made people fall in love with Wagner Moura. Although the directors tried their best not to glorify a drug lord but people eventually loved the charisma of Pablo and his principles. The first two seasons focused entirely on Pablo and the DEA agent Steve Murphy. The third season focused on the vicious Cali Cartel. But the guy who played a vital role in bringing down Pablo and then brought down the whole Cali Cartel “Javier Pena” remained underrated.


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Pedro Pascal portrayed the role of Javier Pena amazingly well. Previously we have seen Pascal in the legendary series GAME OF THRONES as Oberyn Martell. Even though he was there just in a few episodes still he became a fan favorite.Obviously who can hate a guy who voluntarily fought Mountain.

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In the next season we can expect Pena in action in Mexico. .

This piece is written by a fan as a collection of a few Javier Pena badass quotes

Not once but many times i the serial we have seen Pena working with the bad people for the greater good.

No one can argue with that.

Obviously everyone needs recognition. The hunger of power will make you do crazy things.

And he proved it by working with Don Berna to get Pablo.

From the start we have seen his paying his informants to get things done

Yeah we know that. Recently the Panama case in our country is the best example.

Well this true and we can relate to this in our real life.

Well this is quite badass. I will use this quote in front of others to look tough

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