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Misconceptions about Shias and you should check before believing!

There are 12 months in an Islamic year and Muharram-ul-Haram is the first month. Muslims all over the world mourn about the Shahadat of Imam Hussain and his companions in the first 10 days of Muharram. I said all Muslims because it is not very complicated to understand that Imam Hussain belonged to Sunnis and Shias both. There are a lot of misconceptions about Shias and most of them are so illogical. For example,

Shias have a different Quran and they added 10 chapters to the original Quran later.

Not true. If you are so sure, why don’t you go to their home or Imam Bargah and check it? I even heard people saying “10 Supaary Bakri kha Gai thi” Seriously?

Shias don’t offer Sunnah prayer. Sunnah prayers are not obligatory prayer performed by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Shias perform non-obligatory prayers, 36 cycles per day in total, but they call it as Nawafil and not Sunnah.

Shias combine all five prayers into one prayer in the evening.

Not true, in the Shia mosques, whether it is Iran or USA, they perform all five prayers. However some Shia combine noon and afternoon prayer and evening and night prayer, but most of the Shia scholars recommend performing all the prayers separately.

Shias perform Mutah (Temporary marriage).

There is no concept of temporary marriage in this world, even if it is a Shia, a Sunni, a Jew or a Christian. Marriage is a marriage and no Shia support this, they discourage mutah some even abuse this.

Shias spit in the food when they send niyaz at Sunni’s place.

Who came up with this idea? Who was that genius? I have seen educated people talking about this so confidently and I wondered if their brains are on their foot.

Europe becomes one union, states of America become ‘United States’, but the Muslims? Busy in fighting with one another. Over what? Please think with logic and check for yourself before you talk about anything. This is the new world and “if you never saw it, you shouldn’t really believe it”, because Islam doesn’t teach us to blame people for no reason and spread rumours about them.

I know that I will be facing a lot of criticism in the comment section for this article but if there is just one person who understands what I am trying to portray here, I win.

Laraib Mehtab
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4 thoughts on “Misconceptions about Shias and you should check before believing!

  1. Your take on the topic is optimistic.. while it is true that most of the unrthodox shias definitely refrain from the aforementioned practices, some orthodox or as it ( qattar ) do. Like most hindus dont drink cows urine because obviously that can not be a religious thing but a minority in the suburbs does. Same logic applies here. Its not actually about religion, its about the concerning person doing the deed ; to what what extent would he be able to seperate superstition from religion

  2. Mutah is supported in Shia community as shown in Iqrar programme, and Shia abuses Sahaba karaam as shown in Tv programm. And i my self heard in one Barhgah that Welayat was for Hazrat Ali and mistakenly given to Prophet Muhammad. Kindly clear ify these also. For me all are humans.

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