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The Doctor who sent a request to Sharmeen’s sister got fired.

Sharmeen Obaid recently tweeted about an incident with her sister. Her doctor used the private information, she gave to the hospital, to stalk her on facebook. He sent her a facebook request and Sharmeen reported it to the hospital. It was a violation of the hospital's codes and the authorities

Shahbaz Maqsood Khan left Jazz and we can’t stop talking about him

SHAHBAZ MAQSOOD KHAN Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, the formidable Director Brands and Communications of the biggest telecom brand of Pakistan, Jazz has moved on to newer avenues. ACHIEVEMENTS The portfolio of his achievements during his two-and-a-half-year stay is very impressive. Under his leadership, Jazz overturned its slide into becoming the market leader in terms

THE WALKING DEAD – Season 8 Episode 1 (A new life to the show)

THE WALKING DEAD I mentioned in a previous piece of mine that The Walking Dead was becoming boring and repetitive. It was true. The Walking Dead felt the same every season. A villain arises, Rick and team fights him, some good guys die and then new good guys joins. It was also