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JUDWAA 2 Review – Another useless piece made for no reason


The first Judwaa was made back in 1997 when the formula of double roles used to work. Shahrukh Khan’s “Duplicate”, Sunil Shetty’s “Gopi Kishan”, Anil Kapoor’s “Kishan Kanhaiyya”, Kajol’s “Kuch Katti Kuch Meethi”  Sridevi’s “Chalbaaz”, Govinda’s “Sajan Chale Susral” and even Amitabh and Govinda’s “Bade Mian Chote Mian” all worked on box office.

Salman Khan’s flick cannot be called a classic or a great movie but it has nostalgia attached. The movie reminds me of my childhood and how much I enjoyed watching it those days.


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I am not a critic so my analysis can’t criticize the technical issues like screenplay, cinematography etc. I will only define what an ordinary guy or viewer will feel after watching this movie.


When I watched Badlapur of Varun Dhawan I loved his acting. My belief on Varun ended after watching “Main Tera Hero” and “Dilwale” and I decided never to watch his movies again in theater.  After watching “Judwaa 2” I can say my decision was right.

Its a remake so there was nothing unexpected in the movie. Script and a hundred other things were same. Identical twins having some genetic thing due to which they felt pain and emotions together are separated at birth and eventually reunite after growing up. So if you are planning to watch it don’t expect anything new as even the dialogues are same at countless points. But this is not my complain. My issues are with Varun’s obvious over-acting, not so funny jokes and the same formula of a masala movie which stopped me from watching all the upcoming movies of Farah Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala.

WWE is trying to sell Dolph Ziggler as the new Shawn Michaels. Same way bollywood is trying to sell Varun Dhawan as the new Salman Khan. The way at many points Varun exclaims “Aao/Aaye” will remind you of Salman Khan from “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” era. Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav and Ali Asghar were added to give a funny touch but even Rajpal is 2005 thing now, Johnny Lever is 1999 and Ali Asghar is irrelevant. Audience is mature and demands sensible entertainment.


The Kabul, Kabul Kabul joke used to be a sms joke back in 2006 and then used by Sham Idrees in his vine I guess in 2015. Now u can imagine the level of punchlines used during the movie. Here’s another one

Somebody asks Upasana Singh, Taapsee’s mother in the film, whether she knows music. She replies, “Sa re ga ma Amitabh Bachchan.”

Why? Because Pa! Get it?

Check this one

Vivan Bhatena loses his memory just like that and Varun Dhawan says, “Iska memory card ud gaya hai.” To which, Rajpal Yadav adds, “Matlab Ghajini ho gaya hai.”

You may even leave the theater after the “Tan Tana Tan” song as that was the last one of the few good things about that movie (If you ignore the synchronized dance). The climax and ending will throw you back into mid 90s and you will feel pity for your valuable time.


Watch this movie only if you liked the following movies:

1 – Main Tera Hero

2 – Besharam

3 – Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani

4 – Phata Poster Nikla Hero

5 – R-Rajkumar

6 – Dilwale

7 – Happy New Year

8 – Rowdy Rathore

9 – Wanted

10 – Shaandaar



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