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Alexander THE GREAT – Umar (R. A) THE GREATEST

The 2nd Caliph of Islam – Hazrat Umar (R.A)

Hazrat Umar (R.A) had been the most influential caliph of Islam till date. His regime is said to be the golden era of Muslims. Here we are not gonna discuss his services to Islam as we all already know about these things in detail.


Our direction and approach is a bit different here and we are gonna discuss his military and administration excellence as compared to Alexander the great. If we read the books written by writers of the west we will always see Alexander being regarded as the GREATEST. But if you study and conduct proper research you will be surprised to know that the achievements of Hazrat Umar R.A surpassed Alexander the great on all matters.


Alexander the great was indeed a great warrior. He was a Pharaoh of Egypt and Shah of Persia at the same time. He became the king at the age of twenty when his father King Phillip II died.

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On the other hand Hazrat Umar (R.A) had no royal ancestors in his previous 7 generation.


Alexander was trained by Leonidas of Epirus, a relative of his mother Olympias, to fight and ride. Lysimachus from Acarania was his reading, writing and iyre teacher. And the famous Aristotle was hired as his private tutor when Alexander was 14.

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Hazrat Umar R.A got no training of warfare or even of riding a horse.


Alexander conquered 1.7 Million Sq-m of land with army around 47,000 infantry and above 5000 in cavalry in 15 years. (please keep in mind that distance was measured in farlaang those days)

19th-century illustration, “Victory of Alexander the Great on the Granicus.” Macedonian Alexander the Great defeated the Persian Empire at the Battle of the Granicus River in Asia Minor in 334 B.C.

Our Caliph conquered 2.2 Million Sq-m of land which included the super powers Rome and Persia (of that time).


Alexander’s empire vanished within 5 years of his death.

The areas conquered by Hazrat Umar (R.A) still echo with the sound of Allah O Akbar.


Alexander was indeed a great warrior there are no questions about it. But Umar (R.A) was a warrior as well as a great administrator. He gave the world systems and methods that are still effective in around 245 countries.

  1. 1 – He started the Hijri calendar that is used and will be used by Muslims all over the world.
  2. 2 – He introduced the system of jails.
  3. 3 – Started salaries for Moazans (who say Azan for prayers)
  4. 5 – Police system was introduced for the first time by our beloved caliph
  5. 6 – He laid down the foundation of a complete court system where even he was answerable
  6. 7 – He started holiday system for soldiers so that they can give proper time to their family.
  7. 8 – Canal System for agriculture and irrigation was introduced by him.
  8. 9 – He made the Army’s Forward Operating Bases and laid the foundation of a military department and a complete organization system.
  9. 10 – He ordered funds, benefits and appointed regular salaries for infants, handicapped, homeless, old, helpless and widows.
  10. 11 – Rich, rulers and government officials were asked to declare their assets
  11. 12 – Unjust judges were punished during his era
  12. 13 – He ordered the police to wear uniform
  13. 14 –  Resting places were built on famous trading routes
  14. 15 – He ensured the protection of trade caravans at night.


In this whole piece we didn’t focus on his services to Islam or his piety or virtue. We focused on his administration and warfare achievements to keep the comparison justified. Now it is up to you to decide whether Alexander should be remembered as Great or our Caliph Hazrat Umar (R.A) should be called the GREATEST. Make the comparison regardless of thee religious factor. His quote “Mothers give birth to free children, since when you have enslaved them” is still considered the charter of human rights.



There may be some statistical or factual mistakes in the above piece. Inform us if we are mistaking somewhere and we will correct.

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