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Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chaand – Stupidity we watched PAMMI PUTTAR


In our series “Stupid things we watched” we have discussed how Prerna and Anurag planned a baby to get bone marrow. Today we are gonna discuss the stupidity of early 2000’s DES MEIN NIKLA HOGA CHAND and the legendary story of Dev and Pammi.

This serial was the first one to introduce the concept of a dead guy coming back to life after plastic surgery.


This was Parminder aka Pammi Puttar aka Deep Neck. Her deep necks should be given due credits for the success of this serial.

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She was sexy AF those days and also had some saans ki beemari

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This uncle was the Bauji and used to refer to Parminder as “Pammi Puttar”. He was a London based NRI yet the serial was not shot in London.

Pammi was engaged to the guy in above pic named “Dr. Rohan”

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But she fell for Dev during her India tour

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Obviously Dev also fell for the deep necks. Dr. Rohan also acted cute innocent and sweet guy and actually helped them. Finally Bauji gave up and the love birds got married

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Varun Badola was the chocolate hero of his time but inspired by Captain Safdar he became a ghar damaad.

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They used to romance all the time and trust me their romance was not a good sight to watch. Have a look at this scene where is Dev touched the reflection of Pammi in a mirror and this gave her orgasms

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Also have a look at Dev zipping up Pammi’s blouse.

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It is impossible to make a serial without an evil vamp. “Anu” was introduced later in the serial

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She was in love with Dev but Dev was now married so Anu made a plan and married Pammi’s brother to stay close to Dev.

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This good for nothing guy was not allowed any bed privileges by Anu and he lived miserably till the end.


Now I am coming toward the most absurd part. Pammi got pregnant and Anu was in complex so she faked pregnancy. As time was passing she used to wear some cushion on her belly to look pregnant. I don’t remember much but I remember this thing because some of the things leave an impact on your mind.

Pammi became mother of a daughter who was named “Gungun” and suddenly Dev was shot dead. This left the wife devastated and Dr. Rohan came back hoping to get the deep necked lady.


As I mentioned in the start that this serial was the first one to deliver the concept of coming back from dead after plastic surgery.

Dev came back but without his memory and was now the first “Mihir” of “Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”

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Pammi again fell for the new guy and Dr. Rohan was once again used as a tissue paper.

I don’t remember what happened next as this serial was aired I guess in 2001 but I can safely predict “MORE SHIT”.


Sorry for the long post. Here’s a memorable picture of Dev and Pammi to cheer you up

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Please keep in mind that we are not promoting the serials but just trying to remind you of the stupidity we watched back then. Basic aim is NOSTALGIA.

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