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For The love Of Chai & Memes – The New Obsessions

With the birth of every new generation, a new culture is inbred in the society. Pakistan, with its youth bringing about changes that could possibly mean a legendary achievement in the long-term, seems to have adopted some weird, yet justifiable obsessions.

Chai, also known as ‘Milk Tea’ in west, is desi caffeine supplement

Tea is one of the oldest creations of mankind. But it only made way to India through the influence of the British. As imperial as that is, it is loved by many around the world. One can’t simply deny the enchanting power it holds.

Many Pakistanis devour this marvelous creation at breakfast, after their lunch, in the evening, and even at night merely for the pleasure it gives. Our elders live on it. And with its increasing influence, so does the youth! As far as the reach of the internet grows, the influence only seems to grow with it. People are posting about it, and teens only connect more with each other due to their common love – Chai.

If anyone needs to meet up, invite them for chai. Unexpected guests, chai! Feeling tired? Chai. Feeling lonely? Chai. It is basically the answer to everything!


Memes – where tagging is new benchmark for friendship

Memes have become an international phenonmenon. But Pakistanis have a separate place in their hearts for the memes they make. From pure entertainment to humorizing controversial and social issues, we have become experts in the field.

We waste spend plenty of time engaging with them. They have provided a sort of comfort for the mass population that has access to the internet and only brings together a lot of people that can comment “Same”, “Me” or simply tag their friends because it is “so us”.

Not only is this ‘movement’ seen as a uniting force but also brings light to the dark world students have indulged themselves in. Laughter is after all, the best medicine. Therefore, it is safe to say it prevents many of the youth drowning themselves in the sorrow, and stress they may be subjected to.



With the shift in the youth’s interests, these two things may be deriving the future of our nation and its positive usage must be entailed. Not everything is to be taken seriously, but sometimes with all the gloominess that settles in society, a light outtake on the situation must be present. Though some issues must be duly addressed and resolved, people must develop some tolerance and humor to truly bring about peace in society. If you can’t, I suggest brewing some chai, and scrolling through your feed for some memes. May God bless us all.