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When Tulsi killed her son Ansh to reunite Karan & Nandini


Back when I was in class 9-10 Indian serials had a huge impact on our daily lives. I am one of those kids who were kinda friendless and just watched tv after school. Star Plus was widely watched and Pakistani dramas were not really famous those days. I played outside like for an hour daily and then watched TV till 11 pm. I was not the only one of this type. A number of friends in my school used to watch that shit.


“Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” was the biggest hit of all the shitty Ekta-Star-Plus serials. Let’s have a look at the chronicles of Tulsi.

This drama is the most complicated one ever made in the history of television. It ran for 1833 episodes. A hundred plastic surgeries, punar janams etc took place in this serial. But obviously we can’t talk about all that happened in 1833 episodes. So here we are gonna focus on just one specific part of the serial to remind you of the shit we watched.


The below picture shows about 20% of the total cast. A number of character were replaced, a dozen grandchildren were born but nobody died.

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Mihir and Tulsi fell in love

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But the wall of society came between their love. Eventually they got married but against their family.

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But Mihir was a cheating prick and he slept with Mandira.

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Some shit happened and Mihir died. But thankfully he came back from the dead around 50 episodes later. But when he came back the old Mihir was fired and was now replaced with Mr. Bajaj from Kasautii Zindagi Kii.

Ekta Kapoor was really good in internally utilizing her resources and job enrichment

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Tulsi had a number of kids like Gautam, Harsh, Saahil anda daughter as well and Mihir had a bastard snow from Mandira named Karan.

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Please keep in mind that Tulsi accepted Karan but Catelyn Tully couldn’t accept Jon Snow.


TULSI >>>>>> Catelyn



Karan fell in love with Damini but Gautum was also in love with Damini. Gautum won and got married to Damini. Karan was left devastated

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Karan again tried his luck and this time fell for the petite pretty girl Nandini. Let me confess something, Nandini was the crush of half guys of my class (The remaining half didn’t watch this crap)

But good things happen a few times on Indian Television, Nandini also fell for Karan.


But good things never last for long. The legendary character of Ansh Gujral was introduced.

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It was established that Tulsi’s son Harsh was not actually her son. The biological kid was replaced in the maternity room. The original kid was Ansh who was brought up by a billionaire  named Additya Gujral. I don’t actually get it why would a guy replace kids in a maternity room?

Anyway coming back to the topic Tulsi tried getting back to her original son who refused to come. But he saw Nandini and came to Tulsi acting all sanskaari and Alok Nath kinda son.

He asked the biological mother to get him married to Nandini. Mom went to Nandini and convinced her.

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Ansh and Nandini got married but Ansh was not given any bedroom benefits as Nandini was still in love with Karan. Ansh was left with this face

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Karan was once again devastated and cried in a corner.

A few tensed episodes passed and Ansh came back home drunk and raped Nandini. That was a sudden shock for the viewers as we were just in class 9 and those scenes were taboo back then. That was a surprise for me as I was introduced to marital rape for the first time thanks to Ekta Kapoor.

It was at that moment when Tulsi realised her mistake of getting them married.

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A rape case was filed against Ansh and I was banned from watching the show so I started watching the repeat telecast secretly. Ansh won the case establishing whatever happened was legal as that comes with the marriage package and is the right of husband.


Anyway after the case Ansh tried to rape again but this time Mother India Tulsi swore to not make it happen. Ansh was riding behind Nandini and Tulsi followed him with a gun. She was able to corner him near a cliff and warned him to back off. But that was the douchebag Ansh who never gave up

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She had to shoot her son.

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Now let me show you a few samples of her epic acting and you will understand why the serial had rating of 1.5 on IMDB.

After firing the bullet she was shocked first.

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Then she laughed hysterically

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Ansh was taken to the hospital where he asked to see his biological mom and shooter


Tulsi sang a lullaby for her dying son and he took his last breaths

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Tulsi was sent to jail for like 20 year and Karan married Nandini as she had a vacancy.

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Another twist came as Nandini had a son who looked like Ansh.

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I don’t remember much what happened next as my daag-daar maazi ended then. But I do remember that Tulsi was replaced after a plastic surgery and came back like this

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Isn’t it amazing how Indian plastic surgery can change your height and bone structure? Well we were living in 2001 and visionary Ekta Kapoor lived in 2099.

This piece was just to remind you of the stupidity we (not everyone but a lot) once watched as it has nostalgia attached to it.


I would also like to apologize for the long useless article. Here’s a picture of India Qaim Ali Shah aka Baa (who outlived 7 generations) to cheer you up

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Once again quoting the obvious that we are not promoting this shit but just reminding you of the times when this was actually watched by millions.


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