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Is Uncle Majboor our new hero now?

I think we all know who Uncle Majboor is. Uncle Majboor is a middle aged man whose video went viral in all social media websites. It was a sex chat, a call with someone named Rabia. He didn’t seem to harass her. I detest it and I found the talk very inappropriate and rather repulsive but there was so harassment. So there’s nothing to talk about his call.

Things like these happen every day. People like Uncle Majboor can be easily found everywhere. But even then people don’t like to reveal this majboor side of their personality to the world. Someone made a video of that man and post it to the social media and others made money off it.

Yesterday, I saw a famous page on FB selling laptop sleeves and bags and cushions with his photo on them. Just like they did to Aunty Gourmint and made her life a living hell. These people are selling the bags and laptop sleeves to college and university going students. Bags – that carry a message, “mujhe chor do”.

I have wrote about the moral decay and decline of our society before. Where are we heading with all this? Like Bhola are we going to make these people our heroes? What became of our infamous gherat and izzat? Our society killed Qandeel Baloch for doing something similar. Why’re we making Bhola and Uncle Majboor celebrities?

These people are not only promoting something vulgar but they’re also putting this man’s life on risk. His social life would be destroyed. His family will start to hate him. So will his colleagues. Will he be able to go out after all this?

Why don’t we think about all these aspects? Is money more important than our moral values and someone’s life?

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