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MALALA wore pants and our people calling her Pornstar


Malala has always been a controversial name. Even I disagree with a lot of things but what happened today was really disappointing.


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Recently Malala was spotted wearing pants (I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong in that) and this suddenly started a whole new fuss.

This was utterly shameful. You may disagree with her views and actions but comparing her with a pornstar can’t be justified but the guy continued justifying.

This guy (a nobody) Mr. Junaid Iqbal asks Malala to elaborate this.

via: twitter

I am around 101% sure Mr. Junaid is contributing a lot to this country, society and to the world at large so Miss. Yousufzai should answer why she was wearing it. He later deleted his tweets when handled by Dubai based Pakistani blogger Imaan Sheikh


Sane people are actually very few

Mehr Tarar complimented her new look

Talking about priorities


We witnessed the same behavior when Mahira was the center of discussion a few days back. How hard it is to understand that whatever a woman wears in her personal time is purely her own choice. We are only allowed to criticize the work they are known for. We can judge Mahira for her acting and her performances. Not for smoking and wearing a backless dress. We can read Malala’s book and can disagree with the facts discussed there and can also criticize her statements as they are for public use. But when she is just roaming around or shopping or even dating, we have no right to say a word to her.

Even I disagree with a lot of points in Malala’s book and I had been making fun of her on facebook but can never interfere in her personal life. Please educate the people surrounding you to just focus on their own life as a woman’s clothes are not gonna hurt you.

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