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“The Walking Dead” (TWD) and “Fear The Walking Dead” (FTWD) crossover


To be honest I am more of TWD fan. I know FTWD is a lot more detailed and the writing is really impressive. But I have watched all the 7 seasons of TWD. Grew up watching Rick and his gang. Cried when Laurie died, Fought governor, fell in love with Daryl, watched Carl grew up, prayed for Glenn and Abraham and hated Negan. TWD was great when it began but the way they dragged stories was too much . Why would anyone watch a 50 mins episode totally focusing on a less important character like Eugene.

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I just started watching FTWD and immediately liked it. The story is detailed and better written. The Clarks are badass and are able to survive. Best thing is that this show actually focused on the part where virus was slowly spreading.

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AMC Announcement

It was being speculated since the beginning of FTWD that it will someday collide with TWD world. There are even some Walking dead easter eggs in FTWD. Recently it was officially announced by AMC that both the shows will be colliding sometime in next year

This news actually lit up a few but rage was seen from many people. First of all it doesn’t make any sense as the timeline is difference and FTWD is actually around 2 years behing TWD. Secondly the direction is changed in both of them. One party is fighting a war and the other one is struggling with fuel shortage.


The creator Rober Kirkman stated that the connection would come through a shared character. We can expect a FTWD character popping up at TWD as years later version of themselves. The character of Negan in Walking Dead who is ripe for a backstory may also have some sort of connection.


– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

FTWD mentioned Houston which made many fans immediately think of Abraham. He started off in Houston as we have seen in the walking dead character flashback when he and his doomed family were holed up with other neighbors in a grocery store. If Abraham is the connector then we have to wonder where he is at this point in the universe of FTWD. Also need to keep in mind the time passed on FTWD. Would Abraham already have left Houston? If he is passed the grocery store time and have met Eugene then there will be two shared characters”Abraham and Eugene”


People also think Madison is connected to Daryl and Merle as she mentioned growing up in Alabama and it is pretty close to the events of the Walking Dead.

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