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‘Predestination’ the best Time Travel movie to watch

So, I watched this amazing movie called “predestination” back in 2015 but it still amazes me. Someone asked me to do a review on a time travel movie and the first movie that came into my mind was predestination.

A predestination paradox occurs when a time traveler is caught in a loop of events that “predestines” or “predates” him or her to travel back in time. The paradox suggests that those people who travel back in time would have no way of changing a situation.

This is what this movie Predestination is about.

Let us give the spoiler out straight away as that will help understand what Predestination is about.

We see 4 main characters in this movie – Jane, John, the Barkeep and the Fizzle bomber. They are all the same person from different times. Yep, the same person.

Temporal Agents are an elite group of people charged with traveling through time in order to prevent horrible crimes before they occur. One such agent is trying to disarm the latest deadly explosive set by the Fizzle Bomber. He’s a terrorist who wanted was burned badly in the process. He manages to return to headquarters and after massive plastic surgery and a long recuperation process.He returns to NYC and starts working as a bartender. When he strikes up a conversation with a slightly androgynous-looking guy who calls himself “The Unmarried Mother”—he makes his living writing fake tales of woe for so-called “confession” magazines. And who promises to tell “the best story that you ever heard,” a saga that begins in 1945 when she was left on the steps of an orphanage as an infant.

The main character starts it’s life as a girl. Grew in an orphanage and turned into a strong woman. Joined an agency but was later kicked out. After that Mr. Robertson picks her up. Jane meets a mysterious man and falls in love but he vanishes crushing all her dreams. He left her pregnant and alone. While delivering her child, she discovers another truth that will change her life forever. Wait, I guess I’ve already told you that. You should now watch the movie for the details.

If you ask me, Predestination is totally worth your time. A messy but affecting parable about fate, gender, and identity. And time, which combines the three. Happy watching.



Predestination. This is Barry and Rogerebert

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