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I watch TV serials just to pass my time after tiring work. I have watched a lot of serials from every genre like House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Friends, The Walking dead, How I Met Your Mother, Da Vinci’s Demons and a lot others. Some of the serials were masterpieces like Breaking Bad. It set the benchmark so high that no other series has been able to achieve. Game of Thrones got a bit slow in season 5 but season 6 and 7 got it back with a bang. What I noticed in majority of serials is that they were unable to keep the audience with them after some time. There are a number of reasons behind it but here we are gonna see some serials and discuss each one of them.

1- Heroes

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I downloaded Heroes just out of boredom but instantly liked the story at the beginning as I am a superhero fan. Started losing interest when the story started getting super complicated with time travel and all the alternate timelines and happenings.

2- How I Met Your Mother

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I loved “How I Met Your Mother”. Always felt like I am Ted Mosby (because of shitty love life), Barney was like a Love-Guru for me and Marshal and Lily were Relationship goals. They should have ended the series around season 7 but they made us believe that we should ship Barney and Robin and Ted’s to be is the most adorable creature on planet. All this just to kill the mother in the end, separate Barney and Robin and to ship Ted and Robin. I don’t think anyone would like to watch the re-runs of this show.

3- Lost

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Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed on an island 1000 miles off shore with just 48 survivors. Soon it was revealed that they have to cope up with the forces of nature as well as with Dharma Initiative and the strange black smoke thing. All the characters are connected to each other in some way and they had a purpose to achieve.

I started this show when I was living alone in a foreign country and had nothing to do after my job. Loved Hugo, Jack and the badass Sawyer and really watched the first 3 seasons intensely. I actually watched all the seasons but after season 3 it was tiring. It felt like writers were underpaid or are writing on a messy pot. You If you are okay with lose ends you would probably enjoy the series but if you are like me you will get frustrated.

4- Supernatural

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This is one of the shows that will hook you at first but slowly you will start realizing a lot of things. The writers will try to make the series deep with father-son issues but you won’t get anything new after the first 3 seasons. I watched 7 seasons and all the time I was thinking why why why. The story became predictable as I realized this isn’t Game Of Thrones, the good people and lead cast won’t die here. Sam and Dean eventually finds solution to all the problems easily and then move on to the next issue. If you are gonna watch it you will also fall asleep during it.

Another amazing this is that every hot woman in this series either dies, needs to die, or should die. Only the two brothers and that Angel will live.


5- Prison Break

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The four seasons were a big hit of that time. It was obviously dragged after season 3 but I thanked God when season 4 ended. The two brothers Michael and Lincoln were always in trouble and will make you bore due to the predictability.

I don’t really understand what was the reason of the fifth season. The fifth season is perfect example of LOW QUALITY. It won’t make any sense if you watch it. The actor may have realized about the bad script so we can see their zero interest in performing their roles.

6- Arrow

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I really loved the first two seasons as I am a DC fan. But eventually I realized how repetitive the events are. Almost all the heroes and villains came back from the dead somehow. Even Oliver Queen’s return from the death when Ras Al Gul killed him was a joke. Everything remains same after season 2. A problem arises, flashbacks are given, good guys team up with Oliver to fight the bad guys, some die and are replaced.

7- Grey’s Anatomy

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This series started with a bang. The dialogues were witty, acting was strong and due to clever writing the first season is still the best. Charming Dr. “McDreamy” shone throughout the season. Even other actors performed notably. Unfortunately the following seasons couldn’t reach the benchmark set by the first one. The third season was a complete disaster and slowly the series started losing their fans. Surprisingly it is still running after 12 years.

8- Sherlock

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I don’t know a single guy who hated Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch performed the job of Sherlock so well that it out shadowed Robert Downy Jr’s SHERLOCK HOLMES. If you like intelligent shows the Sherlock is the best one for you. Season 1 and 2 were great as the main focus was on solving the crimes. Season 3 focused on the personal lives which is quite justified. But season 4 was a bitter disappointment. People were looking for Moriarty but the writers gave us a secret sister of Holmes Brothers.

The writers made us wait for 4 years just to give us this Indian soap opera storyline. Sherlock was brought back to deal with Moriarty but NO. Moriarty never came back and Sherlock had to face family drama.

9- The Walking Dead

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I loved The Walking Dead because it felt close to reality. I was done with Resident Evil type movies where big monsters, hybrid DNA and unlimited ammo is shoved down our throats.

The first season was great, very slick and well acted. Since it has gradually declined into a constant regurgitation of the same old plots and ideas. I found the last season almost painful to watch. Like watching a once beloved pet struggling to walk, knowing that it was time for them to be put down. The writers should be frankly ashamed of what they have made of a once good show.

10- The Vampire Diaries

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Same is the case is The Vampire Diaries. Hooked me up when i started watching it. It was really great when things were simple and we had only vampires and witches to deal with. Later Werewolves were introduced, then original vampires, then hybrids and then some community of Van Helsing vampire killer type brotherhood till season 6 and that was the time when I started hating the serial.

11- Two And A Half Men

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When I finished FRIENDS I had no sitcom to watch and then I found “Two and a half men”. Its not as great as FRIENDS but it wasn’t really bad either. It was a good to kill time and for a few laughs. I loved Charlie Harper and Jake Harper was adored by everyone. But I am not the only one who saw the decline in quality of show. A great reason was the drug problem of Charlie Sheen who was in the lead role. The creator Chuck Lorre eventually fired Charlie Sheen and his character was announced dead. The lovely guy Ashton Kutcher was introduced as the lead role in another capacity


This move was the final nail in the coffin of “Two and a Half Men”. I have no idea why they keep trying to milk a sinking show. Ashton Kutcher miserably failed to raise the show. Still I continued watching it just out of curiosity and then suddenly it was announced that the very last episode will bring back Charlie Sheen. I was really happy to know that Chuck Lorre was actually honoring Charlie Sheen by bringing him back for one last time.


Then the finale was premiered. You can’t call it bad. It was actually so bad that it would want you to pick your eyes out and throw them in concentrated hydrochloric acid. THERE WAS NO CHARLIE SHEEN. An animated version was played as a flashback showing Charlie Sheen was alive and was coming back. A man resembling Charlie even came to the door and knocked but the same moment a huge piano dropped on his head killing him and Chuck Lorre said “Winning”. I am a collector and I like keeping serials and movies in a portable data bank but I deleted all its seasons the day I watched the finale.


This piece is based only on the serials I have watched. I may me missing a few good ones you are aware of . If that is the case please comment and we will make sure to add it. Thanks


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  1. Excellent list. I’ve literally left all these shows midway or before for the lack of storyline. Might I add, the office was a great season and then Michael Scott left and it was a drag thereafter.

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