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People always expect a lot when The Perfectionist Amir Khan is in a movie.

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Let me make one thing clear first. If you are a fan of Amir Khan and looking for Amir in a lead role than this movie is not for you.


The movie revolves around a 15 year old girl “Insiya” (Zaira Wasim) with an amazing voice. Insiya’s mother Najma is a victim of domestic violence and is beaten by her husband daily on petty issues.

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Just to pursue her dreams Insiya starts singing on youtube hiding herself in a burka to keep it a secret from her abusive, controlling father.

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Later she is discovered by a drowning music director “Shakti Kumar” (Amir Khan).

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This turned her life around and she faced new challenges.


The acting, writing and direction is up to the mark. Zaira Wasim (previously seen in Dangal) performed her role remarkably, Meher Vij as Insiya’s mother will make you feel for every lady who is facing domestic abuse. Even the others like Chintan (tirth Sharma) and child-actor Guddu (Kabir) are adorable.

It is commendable how Amir Khan performed his role of a cross between American Idol’s judge Simon Cowell and Indian Idol’s judge Anu Malik yet he stayed behind and allowed Zaira Wasim to get all the limelight.

The climax is pretty much predictable still you will love watching every moment of this movie.


The plot story focused on a number of social issues. The focused on how women are forced to live with abusive husband just to take care of their children, how they are asked to abort a daughter, how girls are not allowed to pursue their dreams, how they are considered only fit to get married and what people think of divorced people.


As far as the music is concerned you won’t find much to talk about. Nothing unforgettable but still heart touching.


You will like this movie if you loved Taare Zameen Par and Dangal. This is not the greatest movie ever made but still a good one.




I would like to state that I am not a critic. I am just an ordinary guy who go no idea whats the meaning of screenplay, cinematography etc. My review is just an opinion of what an ordinary guy felt after watching the movie. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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