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BEARD (Healthy and Perfect) – Makes you more attractive to women


When I was growing up the general norm was to stay clean shaved slippery. When we entered college it became a general thing to shave twice a week or people will call you Romeo and Majnu or think you are going through some bad times if you got a beard.

Now the trends are changing. Facial hair for men is now a well established trend. Most of the guys I know don’t like to stay clean shaved but they prefer to keep their face full. Even if you watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies you will agree with me.

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Well there are a number of arguments available on whether women like men with beard or not. Some men who have been players and got beard claims that women find them more attractive then clean-shaven guys. There are guys that I know who cannot naturally grow a beard they sometimes feel out of the game. But then there are women who hold different views and like guys who are cleaan shaved. But the women who prefer facial hair generally gave the following points:

  • It makes men look more masculine
  • It makes men look more mature
  • Men with beards are perceived as having a higher social status

There are other points too as women mostly look for men who can protect them in case of danger and beard is a thing often associated with strength by such women, they are automatically attracted to them.

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Beard is sometime also considered to be unique. Try standing near a road and you will not find many graceful men with a perfect and sexy beard walking around that is why some women consider them to be unique and a rare breed.

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First thing is that you need to patient. Don’t trim or style for the first 5-7 weeks. This will allow the hair to reach a fine length as some hair grow faster than others. This is also help you pick a style that will suit you.

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When the hair are of sufficient length you can choose a final style that should compliment your face shape.

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Buy a fine quality trimmer and conduct your research first what style you want to wear. Better to consult some stylist first. Also keep in mind that if you are in a relationship you need to be kissable. too short hair will get that itchy feeling and too long will make it feel like kissing a soft fluffy dog.

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Washing and keeping the beard clean is one of the most important things to do. Imagine food and other dirt residing inside your facial hair.

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Trust me on this one “Nothing tames a beard like regular use of Oil”. There are many varieties to choose from but here’s the one we would recommend. The ad is on the right side and you can click on it to visit their fb page and to buy the product.

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Regularly trimming will maintain your desired shape but the better option is to rubdown daily with a comb or beard brush. This will help wrangle stubborn hair and will train them to grow in downward direction.

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There is a saying in Sindhi language MOOCH NAHI TE KUCH NAHI (no mustache, nothing else). If you are growing an epic beard also take care your mustache. Trim the area under your nose with a pair of grooming scissors to keep it neat and use a medium hold wax to keep it naturally sculpted.

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As a house is built with bricks, same is the case with facial hair. Proteins and fats built your beard but it also relies on Vitamin B5, B3 and B9. So you need proper intake of meat, nuts, egg yolks, milk and plenty of leafy greens, If you are seriously committed you should apply our HAIRBION hair oil available at our facebook page



To be really honest with you the physical appearance of a man or woman doesn’t really matter in actual. A woman actually considers whether a guy is loyal? Can he be trusted? Is he caring? These are the questions a woman seeks when it comes to men. Beard is just a Beard. If the guy is a provider and is taking care of your children the physical appearance never remains important (although it cannot be ignored). Life decisions are not made on the growth of facial hair or lack of it. This is just true for both men and women.


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