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Sharmeen Obaid thinks adding on facebook is harassment

Sharmeen Obaid

The name of Sharmeen Obaid is not in need of any introduction. She rose to fame with her documentaries covering social issues of Pakistan due to which she was termed as a traitor by a number of fanatics.

via: the express tribune

Anyway this is not the point of our discussion today. Even sensible and educated people are absurd some of the times so let’s have a look here


Now you can decide yourself whether it was actually harassment or not

If such petty matters are termed as harassment then what should we call the situation when someone is actually harassed


In my opinion adding on facebook is not harassment as you have the option to reject or accept the request. Was the doctor stalking her? NO. Was the doctor forcing himself on her? NO. Are there any obscene messages from that doctor? NO. I am still looking for the harassment part but can’t find it. Yet Sharmeen claims to have accurate knowledge of the term “HARASSMENT”. Have a look again

If you want to explain whether it is harassment or not you may comment here or talk to her directly on her twitter account.

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