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THE WALKING DEAD – Season 8 Episode 1 (A new life to the show)


I mentioned in a previous piece of mine that The Walking Dead was becoming boring and repetitive.


It was true. The Walking Dead felt the same every season. A villain arises, Rick and team fights him, some good guys die and then new good guys joins. It was also becoming too slow. Writers tried to focus on each and every useless individual like Eugene and Sasha for character development and this actually made the audience lose interest in The Walking Dead.

The last season hit its lowest. Rick was miserable, Daryl hardly spoke throughout the season and when he did we wished he shouldn’t have. Eugene suddenly rose to fame and Negan went from a badass villain to a lowlife just in one season.

I was just watching the show not to know what happens next.


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Rick and Maggie teamed up King Ezekiel for an all out war against the Saviours and walked right to Negan’s door, heavily armed and invited him to surrender. A lot of fans were disappointed with Daryl Dixon’s role in the previous season. Here’s the good news for them, Daryl is back in his usual badass way riding a Harley blowing up fuel barrels and bombs and killed Negan’s leutinents. Although he didn’t speak much but still it was a pleasure watching him back in action.

Obviously there were some absurdities. Rick announced a negotiation deal and demanded just Negan’s life but suddenly opened fire on the Saviour Mansion. Also sent a horde of walkers inside the premises.

The end was pretty much good when Father Gabriel was trapped in a trailer with Negan and surrounded by Walkers. I am really willing to see what happens next to Father Gabriel and Negan.


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