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12 Annoying things that usually skinny people Hear.

Heyyy guys, As everyone here, in this world have different body types and ofcourse we didn’t get opportunity to choose our body types. We are what we have been made. Thus, there are so many people on this planet who are being targeted for body shaming which is heart breaking as well as annoying. Since my body type defines me skinny and not so SURPRISINGLY  I also usually get remarks in so many ways about my body type which triggers me bad. Anyhow here are just few things that usually triggers me:

  1. Heyyy, Skinny wrestler.

“Excuse me? What?”

2. Don’t your parents give you food to eat?


“well…its a sad story”

3. Your legs look like matchsticks.


“Yeah!!! so I can set you on firee by them.”

4. Your wrist is so thin omgg.

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“Mind your own fucking business!!!”

5. Omg you are really skinny mannn.

“I mean, I already know that?”

6. I dont think so you eat. do you smell the food only?

“No, I just look at the food and my stomach gets full.”

7. You are soo lucky that you are skinny, Unfair.

“First of all bitch, stand in my shoes”

8. You can have my extra fats.


9. Your weight is equal to a baby goat.

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“And your is equal to an Elephant you bihhh!!!!!”

10. You look weak. Are you suffering from any desease?


“Not again…”

11. You eat so much then how come you are so thin?

“Yeah I have got nice metabolism and you have not.”

12. You are a hanger brooo, you don’t wear clothes, clothes wear you.

“Are you trying to be funny?”


There are way more annoying things that usually skinny people hear. hence before anyone comes up to you and point out your body? know that, Yes! I know I am skinny and I love my body. Yes, my parents provide me food to eat and I know my waist and my wrist is thin. I also know that I eat alot and I dont get fat. most importantly I don’t need any free fats from you, save it for your future. You dont need to worry i will also get married and I know what my weight is. No, I am not a hanger, my clothes fit me perfectly according to me size.

Yes!!! YES, I know I am small, thin, waist is 26 and I am lesser than 100 pounds. I know about my body. So you better not tell me how I look, what should i eat, what should I wear and what will happen to me. Peace!

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