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The Doctor who sent a request to Sharmeen’s sister got fired.

Sharmeen Obaid recently tweeted about an incident with her sister. Her doctor used the private information, she gave to the hospital, to stalk her on facebook. He sent her a facebook request and Sharmeen reported it to the hospital. It was a violation of the hospital’s codes and the authorities kicked the doctor out of his job.

Pakistanis are furious and outraged over this. They’re calling it an abuse of her fame and influence. Some are saying that a father to four children shouldn’t have lost his job. Others think that sending a friend request on Facebook is a very harmless thing. Doctor was removed from his job unfairly.

What I don’t understand in the whole scenario is why are people defending the culprit here? Being a doctor, his medical ethics prevent him from making any personal contact with his patients. Being a father to four makes it even worse. Why would a married man use the private information of his patient to look her up on social media?

Now some of these “defenders” have even even crossed another moral line. They made a fake account with Sharmeen’s name and posted a stupid status. Took it’s screenshot and started tweeting it. Now a person who went to these lengths to badmouth Sharmeen and defend the doctors speaks volumes about them. Even when told that it’s fake as Sharmeen’s accounts are verified, they still have to say …..but he didn’t deserve this.

All they have to say is that, “it was a harmless request”. Harmless doesn’t make it “right”. And hospitals have rules and regulations. Professions have code of ethics. And a doctor using his patients confidential information to find her on social media was an act of stalking and cyber stalking is a crime. Moreover, people who are practicing would know that hospitals don’t fire people for their first mistakes. They issue a warning and if someone repeats their “harmless” mistakes, they get fired.

So no matter what excuse you are trying to make up for the doctor’s actions, what he did was wrong on every level. There was a huge Twitter war but this thread by Zill-e-Elahi was the best answer to “why people are defending the doctor?”.

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