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Miserable life of a person who work on Saturdays as well


I know a lot of friends who when looking for a job asks in the interview if they have to work on Saturdays. They refuse to work even after getting a good offer if the company operates on Saturdays. This is not because they are lazy or not willing to work.

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Here we are gonna discuss what a guy feels when he work on Saturdays.

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The rest of the week a guy works quietly but on Saturday you will see him realizing he is not a slave saying

“Naukri to hai he ghulami. Kahin se achi offer aajaye to laat maar dunga”


Often we see guys saying things life

“Nafrat hogaye hai is zindagi se. Apna koi chota mota online business karne ka soch raha hoon”

You also think of how hard you work for the company and how ungrateful your superiors are. It may also cross your mind that how you superiors are getting new cars and all the luxury stuff but you are riding the same CD 70 even after working on Saturdays.

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3 – Party with family or friends

Even if your khandan people and relatives invite you for a dinner on Saturday you are always late because your office times are till 6 pm. You get out around at 6:15 and then you have to face the traffic of I.I. Chundrigar Road or Shahrah-e-Faisal at peak time. The traffic alone is enough to turn you into a psycho serial killer. You reach home around 8 and you have to shower before going to your folks. Then your wife will be making excuses there “Woh actually inka Saturdays ko bhi office hota hai na is liye hum late hogaye”. This is the moment when you will feel bad for her.

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4 – Public Holidays

You desperately wait for public holidays like 14th of August, 23rd March and 25th of December to fall on Monday. They are good when they fall during any other day of the week but you will hate your life if a public holiday is on Sunday.

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5 – Miserable Friday

Imagine when you are coming back from work on Friday and you see people on the other side of the road driving to Do Darya and other fancy places just because they got no work on Saturday and they can stay out late. How would you feel?

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6 – No time for wife

Even if you have office timing exactly from 9 to 5 it means you are giving 33% of your time to your work. You need minimum 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and sane. This leaves you now with 33% time which is 8 hours out of which you spend almost 2 hours in traffic (average 1 in morning and 1 in the evening). Now you are left with 6 hours in which you are so tired after driving and working that you just want to stare at a wall aimlessly for the rest of your life. And when this is repeated on Saturdays it will really hurt the sentiments of your wife. She may start nagging daily as you are not giving her enough time and she is only there to cook, clean and to take care of your kids.


7 – Manhoos Sunday

I often hear people saying “Yar Sunday bas aik din pata bhi nahi chalta kaam he itne hotay hain”. You sleep till 1 pm. You read the newspaper after waking up looking for available properties which you can afford or on easy monthly installments, you have to get the car washed on Sunday, may have to get grocery on Sunday. When you are done with playing the errand boy time is around 8 and you will feel like its Shaam-e-Ghareeban for you. You will think of the miserable day to come and how your another Sunday ended without any good thing.

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8 – Can’t apply for another job

You just get one day off and naturally you are so tired that you won’t even have the stamina to sit online for hours searching for another job. You just sit tight securing the work you have and waiting for a miracle to happen.

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9 – Traffic less Saturday Morning

On one hand it’s a good thing that you don’t face heavy traffic on Saturdays. On the other hand this breaks your heart in pieces when you realize that hundreds of thousands of fortunate individuals are sleeping in their comfortable beds right now because. . . THEIR OFFICES ARE CLOSED ON SATURDAYS

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10 – Rozi-Roti

In the end you realize you can’t do anything to change your miserable life as you have bills to pay. You just remind yourself “NAUKRI KI – TE NAKHRA KI?”

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If you all agree with the points discussed above share the article on your timelines and with your friends to raise awareness. May reach employers and may make them understand the issues of people. May also reach government who can make it necessary for every corporation. You never know what can happen. Just kidding. Nothing is gonna happen. Just tag your friends who got work on Saturdays. Bye.

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