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I DON’T LIKE CHAI – I am not alone there are a lot of people like me


Chai is like an integral part of our life. Whenever you go somewhere you will be served with chai. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not but you will be forced to drink it. In fact it is commonly thought that people who don’t drink tea doesn’t actually exist. But we do exist. I am one of them and here we are gonna see a few struggles of people who are not chaiaholics.

1 – The First Reaction

When you tell anyone you don’t like tea they will look react the way sudden shock reactions are given in star plus drama serials. DHAZAN DHAZAN DHAZAN. First they will look at you like you just said “Main aapke bachay ki maa bannay wali hun” and you are not even a girl.

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2 – The Lone Wolf

In every party and gathering you will feel like a black sheep or a lone wolf when the people surrounding you are all holding tea cups and you are sitting there looking for the meeting to end.

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3 – You are asked to make tea

You hate the moment you are asked to make tea for others. You think why I am the one who should make tea when I don’t drink it.

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4 – Courtesy

People who have known you for years will still ask if you would like to have a cup of tea. That’s not because they care for you but because of the general courtesy expected. They know you will decline the offer and they will be free from the responsibility of being a good host.

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5 – Not interested in the color or strength of the tea

You keep wondering why people are so possessive, sensitive and touchy for their tea. It’s just Chai nothing great. You don’t care what the color of tea is, you are not interested in the number of sugar spoons and what teabag is used. So naturally it irritates you when someone near you complains about their tea.

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6 – Useless Mugs

You will get a “MUG” as a birthday gift and you will immediately think of it as you new pen holder. But you already have 3 other mugs for the same reason. Then you finally decide to give this mug to your mommy or just place it in a nice rack where it will face dust and will never be used.

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7 – You are forced to have tea

A lot of times you refuse tea but the host is insistent and you are forced to have a cup of tea and then you just keep staring it for a while wondering what to do.

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8 – Burning your lip and tongue

Due to less exposure with tea you sometime try to end up in just one gulp and end up burning your lip and tongue

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I don’t like CHAI so all the points mentioned here are my first hand experiences. But still I may be missing a few important details so feel free to comment and we will add your valuable suggestions too. Also let us know if you have other ideas or you want your work published.

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