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SMOG in Punjab – Effects of smog and Precautions you should take


Smog is simply a type of air pollution which we are facing right now in Punjab. Till now a number of people are injured and one person died due to accidents because of smog.

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The PML(N) MNA Maiza Hameed blamed it on India

But a fellow came up with a rebuttal

Our focus here is not to get bogged down in details as this issue can’t be countered in just a day so we are just gonna focus on the effects of smog and the precautions you need to take


  1. Irritation in eyes
  2. Inflammation in tissues of lungs
  3. Pain in chest
  4. Cold and Pneumonia
  5. It can cause asthma attacks
  6. Pre-mature death in case of asthma and heart patients
  7. Damage to plant growth


We are not going to blame any political party or talk about a billion trees here as our focus is for immediate steps and precautions to be taken

  1. Avoid being outside and areas with heavy traffic and during peak hours to reduce exposure to smog.
  2. If you are outside, take lots of rest breaks in the shade and drink plenty of water or other fluids.
  3. Avoid outside work or exercise until the alert is over.
  4. Use air purifier in home to maintain good indoor air quality. Keep the doors and windows of your home closed.
  5. Wash your eyes thoroughly every time you are exposed to smog.
  6. Using glasses while travelling to protect your eyes will be really helpful.
  7. Avoid carbonated drinks (soft drinks) during the alert hours.
  8. Use dust mask while going outside.
  9. Keep your vehicles well maintained and drive carefully to avoid accidents.
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