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Thor: Ragnarok – The Layman Review by Majid Khan

THOR: Ragnarok

I have always been a fan of marvel movies. Ever since I watched the first “Hulk” which released in early 2000s starring Eric Bana I never missed a single Marvel movie. Although I didn’t like a few of them but still watched all of them from Hulk to Iron Man and from Captain America to Avergers: Age of UItron. So it was obvious that I will never miss Thor: Ragnarok.

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The story showed a retired Odin and Asgard being ruled by Loki. Soon it is discovered that Ragnarok is a prophecy that will bring end to Asgard and there is nothing that can be done. Odin had a daughter, Hella (Cate Blancett), before Thor and Loki and she is far more powerful then any of them combined. Hella is back to take over Asgard and the nine realms. And in the first encounter with Hella, Thor and Loki are accidentally sent to another planet named “Sakaar” which is controlled by Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) as a Gladiator Alien fighting pit. Thor and Loki must team up alongside Hulk and Valkyrie to stop Ragnarok. And all this has to be done without Thor’s hammer.


The movie has cameo of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange which was quite a surprise as people were not really expecting him there but was appropriately used. Chris Hemsworth was given a new avatar and actually looked quite good. Infact he looks like Odin in progress.

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Loki was amazing as usual bound with glorious purpose. But this time we saw the God of Mischeif as a semi good person who did the right thing in the end.

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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 23: (AUSTRALIA OUT) Actors Tom Hiddleston (L) and Chris Hemsworth are seen on the set of the film “Thor: Ragnarok” on August 23, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Glenn Hunt/Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

The amazing part was when Thor fought side by side with Loki.

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Hulk’s character was quite vocal this time unlike the previous movies. The gags and jokes will easily make you giggle. On one side when Hulk is amazing then on the other hand Mark Ruffalo was adorable as Bruce Banner.

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Jeff Goldblum was a good addition as the Grandmaster and added a few laughs as well. I am his fan since I watched The Lost World and Independence Day back in late 90s.

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The movie is not a masterpiece but will entertain you in the best possible way. Its full of naked jokes, vampire jokes, Tony Stark jokes, anus jokes and much much more. Don’t expect the movie to be on the level of Captain America: Civil War as it stands at the very first position and actually deserves to be there. But this movie is a great addition to MCU. We would highly recommend you to watch this movie and your time won’t be wasted.


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