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If Bigg Boss Pakistan version is launched? Who will join? Who will win?


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Bigg Boss is really show which brought heavy TRP to Indian Television. Our very beloved Veena Malik had been a part of that legendary home once. I’m not saying we are proud of the ASHmit and Veena. Anyway this season hit its new low when Dhinchak Pooja was added in the house of Bigg Boss. This made me think what if a Pakistan version of BB is made? Let’s have a look at the contenders and the reason for their inclusion

1 – Waqar Zaka

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Imagine Waqar Zaka in that house talking the same way he he does on his Snapchat account asking girls “Maine Suna hai k larkian jab ulti ho kar soti hain to woh horny feel karti hain” (He actually said this asking opinions of girls so kindly don’t bash me for writing this). Even a phadda will be great to watch and I really wanna see him beaten the shit out yelling “Boss Maine aapko Bola Kya Hai?”


2 – Mufti Qavi

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The Rangeen Mizaaj moulvi will be great in the house. Imagine him offering the ladies “Main 17 Nikaah kar chuka hun 18th aap se karna chahta hoon”


3 – Meera

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The name MEERA doesn’t need any introduction. The way she was recently seen singing “My heart will go on” made me feel she deserves a comeback. Apart from that I would love to see someone taunt on “Naveed main thak gaye” and Meera ji’s reaction


4 – Sahir Lodhi

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How can I forget the guy who gave the best movie of this decade “RAASTA”, the masterpiece which should be nominated for Oscar. Imagine someone insulting him and the response is like “What are you? Are you playing God? Are you some sort of Demi God? Who gave you the right?” Or when someone says something offending Sahir “Ruk jaiye aap ruk jaiye ! Meri aapki jung hojayegi ruk jaiye”


5 – Ayesha Sana

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Ayesha Sana will serve the purpose once Dolly Bindra served in the Indian Bigg Boss. Yelling on others for bright lights and other shit.

6 – Nasir KhanJan

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Nasir KhanJan is another legend of Pakistani social media. To be honest he will be quite useless there but just adding him for some the way Dhinchak Pooja is entered for no reason. Maybe he will add some laughs in the show and will also tell us some uses of onion, lota and other stuff.

7 – Taher Shah

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Taher Shah is added just for a musical touch. He is the purest and the most innocent guy of all the people added in this list. He will get maximum votes throughout the season of Bigg Boss as he won’t be seen in any politics and quarrels. His existence will be spreading the message of peace, love and harmony. The perfect Mankind Angel.

8 – Umar Akmal

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Umar Akmal is not playing these days (Thank God) but he is quite known for his exotic pics eating grapes. He is also quite a fan of mujra and other dance methods. Recently he accused Micky Arthur of abusing him and said “Mere saath abusing hui hai”. I think it will be good to have him there and it will also get him back in the news.


9 – Ayesha Gulalai

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Ayesha Gulalai will be the most controversial in that house. And putting her in a room with Mufti Qavi and Umer Akmal will be the greatest disaster to ever happen. What will happen when Umer Akmal tries to mess with her? What will she do when Mufti Qavi tried hitting on her in real? Let’s hope for the best

10 – Momina Mustehsan

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Momina rose to fame with her Coke Studio debut “Aafreen Aafreen” but later found to be overrated. I guess her inclusion in the house of Bigg Boss will give a fresh wave to the house but she will face tough competition because of Taher Shah sahab. Obviously “Aik Jungle mein 2 sher nahi reh sakte”. It will be quite interesting to see them together in a musical journey of Bigg Boss.


HOST – Aamir Liaquat Hussain

This was the uncontested decision. Nobody can host this show better than our very own and beloved Doctor Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Nobody can mess with him there or Aamir bhai knows how to reply. First I thought he should be part of the home but I felt like it will be an insult to place Aamir Bhai in a competition with all those amateurs. Aamir bhai is a league of his own. Imagine someone messing with Aamir bhai and he replying with “Haen Haen Haen Bharway?”

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This piece is written as per one’s opinion. Please let us know if you want other people to be included there or you have issues with the content. Also provide us with your valuable opinion on who’s gonna win and why.

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