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Stranger Things – The true events that led to the creation of this serial

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Stranger things is one of the most talked about show of recent times. Despite of the fact that lead roles are performed by kids under 14 years of age the show instantly became favourite of adults. Even middle aged people are fans of this show. That is because of the strong script, amazing CGI and impressive acting by everyone from the cast.

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The first season was huge success, concluded perfectly and made everyone wait for second season. The second season aired in November 2017 and was even better.


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A few characters were added and even this season ended with a lot of unfinished things which will make us wait for the next season. Eleven got unfinished business with her sister. The revenge is pending. That storm monster thing with long legs from “upside-down” is still on its way. People are expecting to see Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Chief Hopper (David Harbour) falling in love.

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But there’s a lot behind the work of fiction.


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A book was published in 1992 “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time”. It supposedly provided the germ of the idea for Stranger Things.


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The content of that book defined conspiracy theories, secret government experiments, kids with supernatural powers, time travel portals and scary monsters, all said to be carried out at an Air Force base on the tip of Long Island.

The book was written by Preston Nichols. Some sources reports that Nichols claims to have worked on the project and recalls only through recovery of repressed memories. But most people treats his work as fiction.


It is widely believed that government conducted experiments at a military base in Montauk. But no one can provide the accurate details of what actually happened there. The connection between this spot and Stranger Things is that the series was first announced as “Montauk” and was going to be set on Long Island. The setting was shifted to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Even the show’s title was changed.


A docu-drama was released in 2011 named “Montauk Chronicles”. It featured three men who were brainwashed and forced against their will to take part in secret experiments. The filmmakers say “tell tales of experiments that were conducted on nearly one hundred thousand people over the course of about ten years. Kidnappings, murder, torture, time travel, mind control, and extra terrestrial contact are all said to have occurred at Camp Hero.”


It is also reported that Stranger Things is inspired by a sister conspiracy of Montauk Project, “PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT”. There World War II era military experiments were conducted with aim of making naval ships invisible to the enemy.



A lot of conspiracy theories have been circulating about the United States Government. They include, UFOs, Loch Ness monsters, Yeti, contact with extra terrestrial personalities and a lot more things. A lot of people say that the US government is hiding all these things from public to keep them unaware of approaching dangers. Thank God I am in Pakistan where the government is busy defending their corruption and illegal activities. The guy who is (naa-ehal) incapable ex prime minister is the stupidest person on planet. We can’t expect him to be aware of such stuff.

So let’s just enjoy life and wait for the next season of STRANGER THINGS.


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