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Miserable life of a guy who is half bald or losing hair


Its not a pretty sight when you are losing hair or are already half bald. Initially men are really worried when they start losing hair. But with the passage of time and when they are married they just lose interest slowly and just focus on their work. they just accept it as their part and move on with their life. On one hand it is a good thing that guys accept themselves the way they are but also not good as they are not taking due care of them. If you are totally bald that will actually look really good. We have examples of Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Rock, Stone Cold and many more good looking bald men but no one had half head of hair.

Here gonna have a look at some challenges faced by people who are half bald or are in process:

1 – Bad Pics

Whenever you are in a party or gathering the pics will be bad. Or you will look like a black sheep if you are the only one with half head of hair in your group.

2 – Rishta issue

Looks do matter even for guys nowadays. When I was a teenager I used to see obese, bald guys with hot wives but gone are the days. Women are quite empowered now and will only like you if you really take care of yourself and are fit in all areas. You can’t even approach a girl on social media or her sister will call it harassment if you are half bald. But you may have a chance if your head is fully shaved and you are lean.

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3 – Washing face

You won’t be sure where your face ends. You will be wondering whether to apply shampoo on that area or face wash.

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4 – Age 28 looks 45

Have a look at young Alok Nath.

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Another example is of Anupam Kher

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Teenagers will call you uncle even if you are in your late twenties. In the above pics Alok Nath was in his mid thirties and Anupan Kher in his late twenties but they played father to many of the actors who were older then they were.

5 – Identity

It will become part of your identity. People will refer to you as “Woh ganjay walay uncle hain na jo third floor pe rehte hain”

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6 – Free advises from people

The people who care for you will give you free advises on how to get back your hair. The people who hate you will mock you with their advices. In both the cases advises will remain same. They will ask you to try hair transplant and examples of Moammar Rana, Nabeel qureshi, Rana Naveed ul Hasan etc will be given.

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Rahim Shah of Janaan is also used as an example

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Noman Ejaz

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To be really honest with you the physical appearance of a man or woman doesn’t really matter in actual. A woman actually considers whether a guy is loyal? Can he be trusted? Is he caring? These are the questions a woman seeks when it comes to men. Hair are just Hair. If the guy is a provider and is taking care of your children the physical appearance never remains important (although it cannot be ignored). Life decisions are not made on the growth of hair or lack of it. This is just true for both men and women.


Although we still have something that can really help you get back the hair you lost and avoid being bald. Skin Essence Artist are here with an amazing product that is guaranteed to restore the hair you have lost.

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Hairbion hair oil guarantees to bring back your hair if you are completely bald, losing hair or have a head half full of hair. The impact will be rapid if you are losing hair or have some hair but it will be slow if you are totally bald. But in both the cases success ratio is above 80%. If a guy is bald due to inheritance (father and grandfather) then there is no guarantee.

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  1. baldness is in my genes I’m half bald from early twenties I used to many things for Stop Hairfalling Actually there is some other causes for baldness like Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Fear, depression, Stomach and gastric problem ,Intestines disease and special in our society Negative energy and Bad sight (Nazar) etc but There is no cure except Hair transplantation or Surgery!

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