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Harassment . . . Things that won’t fall in this category


Recently this discussion is in news due to a lot of incidents. Mainly that Sharmeen incident created headlines when she got a Doctor of Aga Khan University fired just because he sent a friend request to her sister. Important thing is that she called it harassment. This gave rise to another wave of heated arguments in favor of and against Sharmeen. Some people actually agreed with her that sending a friend request is harassment and some people opposed that idea. The doctor also gained sympathy as he is a father of 2 kids and was laid off just because of a friend request.

So here we gonna look at some examples which do no fall in the category of harassment.



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If a guy is asking a girl out who is it harassment? He is giving a choice to the girl to say yes or no. It’s an offer. An offer is eligible for acceptance or rejection. In an ideal situation the girl will say yes and things will move forward. In another ideal situation the girl may say no and the boy will say okay and move on with his life.

Things may take a turn and like many cases the guy may be a nut-job. If he continues approaching again and again, not understanding the meaning of “NO” it will definitely fall in the category of harassment. It must be reported to authorities immediately to avoid harm and to stay safe.


A simple compliment can be referred to as being nice to someone. If a guy casually compliments his classmate or a colleague like “Your hair look nice” or “You look great in black”. It can be responded with a simple THANK YOU or if you are not open to compliments you can simply say “Sorry I don’t like compliments. The guy will back off if he is reasonable and educated. It will fall in the category of harassment if the guy continues to compliment and teasing even after he is asked not to do so.

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If you are comfortable with a colleague or classmate and jokes even on looks that won’t fall in the extreme category. But if the guy is not your friend and still making jokes on you then you are entitles to make complain against him/her.

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Sometime when you are offering someone to help they may act hypersensitive and constitute that step as harassment.

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Literal and ordinary meaning of Friend Request is “Friend Request”. If you try to define this term the definition will be life “A request to be friends”. A request can either be accepted or declined as it gives a choice to recipient. How can a request be constituted as harassment? I have absolutely no idea.

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Here’s how he defined the reaction of some people when they were sent a friend request




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