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PAGLI – Gulrukh is assaulted & harassed by her friend’s father


Drama serial Pagli is based on the novel of Shaukat Thanvi. Cast is impressive and we can see Hira Salman, Hina Altaf, Noor ul Hasan and Asim Azhar in action. Hira Mani is playing the lead role which is quite difficult in this serial as the character is suffering from dissociative fugue.

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In a recent Hum TV play, “Pagli” the central protagonist, “Gulrukh”, played by Hira Mani, is harassed and assaulted by her friend’s father. Gulrukh suffers from dissociative fugue and people around her had believed that she had run away from home because her father was not letting her get married to the boy of her choice.

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However, Gulrukh’s dissociative fugue was triggered by the sexual assault that happened about which she had not talked about to anyone.


Hira Mani is a phenomenal actress. She displays the revulsion, the discomfort and the fear beautifully. There is pain & horror & entrapment in her expressions. In her face and in her situation, you see millions of girls who have been victims of sexual assault. According to the United Nations, “around one third of women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives”. This is a topic that requires sensitivity, dexterity and focus.

Props to the writer and the director for choosing this subject and highlighting the issue in a very smart way. It creates an impact because it was not thrown at you but rather shown to you in a more nuanced, more embedded way. Pagli airs on Mondays on Hum TV.


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