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Struggles of being a coffee lover aka minority of the society

The struggle is real – being a coffee lover in this society is difficult because majority people love tea, we are somehow a minority of this society. Moreover, we get nagged throughout the year; we also encounter weird reactions when people get to know that we love coffee. I’ll list down some weirdest reactions/questions below.

1- Coffee is bad for health and tea is healthy

When you ask them to give a valid proof, they’ll say, “kahin parha tha meine, abhi yaad nae a raha”. (Yaad ayega bhi nae because it has some health benefits)

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2– Haw, beta is season mein coffee?

Firstly, it can be consumed in any season, but desi people have a weird concept to consume it in winters only. Secondly, if they notice you having coffee during a hot sunny day, they’ll ask you exactly the same question every time they see you around.

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3- Coffee will make your complexion dark

It cannot change your complexion. If it can somehow change it, then my skin tone should’ve been as dark as a coal, maybe.

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4- Sirf chai pene wale log are considered as Pakistani, tum coffee wale to angrez ho

Lol, we’ll get judged by the beverage we prefer to drink? How cool is that. But phir bhi humara to dil hai Pakistani, choice se kya hota hai.

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5- Coffee is expensive, chai peya karo

Firstly, I’m not taking money from you to but it. Secondly, it is basically worth the price, they’ll never understand this.

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6- Coffee kaise pe lete ho?

What kind of question is that? Yes, people do ask such questions because according to them it has an awful bitter taste. I always ask them, “aap chai kaise pe lete ho?” I just want them to feel the same.

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7- How do you sleep?

According to people coffee = insomnia, one cannot sleep after having a cup of it. Well, they’re absolutely wrong, we sleep more peacefully when we have it. The situation is vice versa here.

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8- Coffee pete ho? Oho, bare log!

This bare log statement is considered as a taunt. Unfortunately, it isn’t even available everywhere, we struggle to find a good cup of coffee anywhere we go. It should not be considered as a high profile kinda thing or burger bane k liye pete hain. Meanwhile, chai is available at every dhaba. (Humne kabhi bola, chote log?)

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9- People always offer these 2 things ONLY (chai leinge ya thanda?)

When you say no to both things, they’ll ask why not? And then when you ask them whether coffee is available or not, they’ll say, “ye bhi koi pene ki cheez hai?” If you can’t serve it, why do you even exist? (Jab de nae sakte to puchte kyun ho?)

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10- War (Coffee lovers vs Tea lovers)

Tea cures headache, meanwhile all other beverages are useless. They don’t know how much energy this “beverage” provides, its way better than tea in many ways. Coffee art dekha hai na? Tea art kabhi dekha hai? Our beverage even looks better, beat that!

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Ignore people, don’t be depresso and have some espresso. The season is gradually changing; therefore we can enjoy a cup of coffee peacefully without being nagged and we don’t have to answer weird questions for few months. (YAY!)

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