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CAREEM CAPTAINS – A few stories from the other side

CAREEM CAPTAINS – A few stories from the other side

We often hear a lot of customer complains from passengers who travel in Careem. That’s not quite unusual. A lot of people are difficult to satisfy. No matter what you do for them they won’t be happy. During the last few days I traveled a lot in Careem. I am a good listener so people start talking to me. Here I’m gonna share a few experiences of Careem captains they shared with me. Please keep in mind that their names will not be revealed as they were not comfortable with it but they allowed me to publish their stories.


During the bakra eid days a captain got a ride and went there to pick them near Shehbaz Market in DHA. The guy was standing with his sacrificial goat commonly known as BAKRA. Now I am gonna narrate in captain’s own words

“Banday ne bina puchay pichla door khola aur bakra andar ghusana start kar dia. Main foran gari se utar gaya ke usko rok dun. Maine kaha k bhai bakra, gaaye kutta nahi le k ja saktay to uska jawab tha k bakra pechay chup chap betha rahega aur pechay 3 loog beth saktay hain utni he jaga lega. Maine mana kiya ke bhai yeh gandagi karega to woh kafi se yaqeen se bola k koi gandagi nahi karega.

Phir maine jab sakhti se kaha k bhai main aapka bakra nahi le k jaunga humein car mein smell tak ka khayal rakhna parta hai to woh dhamki per utar aaya aur kaha k careem walo ko helpline per call karke kahunga tumne badtameezi ki hai. Woh to shukar hai os ne dhamki di aur chala gaya aur maine khud he helpline call karke sara masla samjha dia aur mujh per koi penalty nahi lagi “



I once picked a kitten and took her to my home from Jami commercial to Gulshan e Iqbal. The whole time kitten stayed in my lap and was not bothering anyone. That captain was quite supportive and when I stopped him at a milk shop he took care of the kitten when i was at the shop. See this was not possible in case of a large sized bakra.


Another captain shared an interesting story where accepted a ride near Nagan Chowrangi and went at the location to pick them. The car was Wagon R and the passengers waiting for it were 7. As per his own words

“Main dekh ke he pareshan hogaya ke 7 loog kahan bithaunga. Lekin on sab ne pehlay he planning ki hui thi. Os puray tabbar ke leader ne kaha dekho hum aise bohat dafa mehran mein bhi jatay hain agay ki seat pe 2 beth jaengay ghus ke aur pechay hum 3 beth k 2 ko goudon mein bitha lengay adjust hojata hai. Main kuch lamhay khamoshi se unki shakal dekhta raha aur phir maine ma’azrat kar lena he behtar samjha. Shukar hai k loog phadday baaz nahi thay aur khud he ride cancel karke kaali peeli taxi book kara li.”

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3 – PAN

A captain shared once a guy sat with him and was chewing pan. Suddenly opened half of the window without informing and spat outside. Maybe he was really expert in spitting but unfortunate for the captain he missed his shot and his pan-spit hit glass and backfired. I shouldn’t elaborate this much but you can imagine what happened next and what the poor captain had to clean from the seat, door, window and even a few bits and pieces from the dashboard.

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A careem captain picked a ride near Model Colony. It was just one guy and asked him to drop near highway. He was unusually quiet. They reached Al-Asif after a reasonable time and the passenger was somehow troubled and wasn’t even aware of where he was. He then suddenly reacted like he woke up and said k yahan nahi Cantt station le chalo. The captain says he felt like the guy was suicidal or maybe was not sane. Captain tried to initiate conversation but there was no response except “hmmmm” and the whole time passanger kept staring outside the window. It was getting scarier for captain.

After reaching Cantt station the guy again woke up from his thoughts and said Gora Kabrastan chor do. After reaching Gora Kabrastan the passanger asked to go to tower. This time captain refused his request and said Sir aap yahin utar jaen. The passenger was not much bothered and said “Main paise de raha hoon na yeh dekho” and showed a handful of 1000 rupee notes out of his pockets. Still the captain refused and forced him out of his car, ended the ride and fled without taking a single penny.

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Not everyone has the capability to deal with a psycho and normally people don’t know how to react in front of a suicidal. So I am not gonna blame the captain. I know he should have reported to authorities or someone. But I think the captain was superstitious. He thought of his passenger as some jinn bhoot or something like that and it was around 11:30 pm.


This captain strictly asked me to keep his name secret (Obviously I was gonna keep it a secret like the above ones). But he was like “Meri biwi naa parh le kahin”

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This captain was around 24 years of age and a student of a reputable uni completing his MBA. He told he drove daily 5 rides after his uni to cover his studies and a bit of his wife’s expenses as he got married recently.

Picked an attractive lady from opposite road of Saima Mall near Millennium mall. Normally it is seen that when a lady books a ride she sits on the backseat but this middle aged lady opened the front door and sat. He asked the drop-off location and she said Garden East. On the road of Dalmia she slowly placed her hand on his thighs and started caressing him gently. He was not sure how to react as according to him this was the first ever time something like that was happening.

“Main aik shadi shuda aur khush-haal banda hoon main aise kaam nahi karta. Maine kaha MADAM AAP PECHAY BETH JAEN YA AGAR KAHEIN TO MAIN AAPKO YAHIN PE DROP KAR DOON”

She lady just backed off and didn’t do anything till she reached her destination.

I asked “unho ne paise diye?” and the captain replied “Han Han paise to maine khud bol ke puray liye thay k yeh charges banay hain. Haq halal ka paisa to nahi chorunga”


This captain picked a ride from Issa Nagri. There were two guys. They took him near Surjani Chowrangi and then placed a gun on his head, robbed him off his cash and cell phones and left on a bike which was waiting there for them. The captain later tracked the number but he found that the cell phone from which the ride was booked was actually stolen an hour before he was ordered.

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I talked to around 12 Careem captains and they all had different experiences to share. Some told me about angry and misbehaving people who yelled at them for petty issues. Another one told about the people who refused to pay the amount claiming he took them from long routes. Some people abused a captain after reaching their destination because they were not aware of the peak factor.

Point being we need to hear both the sides. Passengers can be unreasonable too, passengers can be abusive too and passengers can be involved in harassment too.


Feel free to share your experiences with us and we will publish them in our pieces. You can contact us at or


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