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CHORI CHORI CHUPKE CHUPKE – Stupid movies back then

CHORI CHORI CHUPKE CHUPKE – Stupid movies back then

This time in the series of stupid movies we watched I am here to talk about a superhit movie of its time CHORI CHORI CHUPKE CHUPKE.

Once again before I start I would like to give a disclaimer that we are not promoting shit here. My aim is just to remind you of the bad times and of the lame movies that came back then.

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The movie was a commercial success at that time but i wasn’t allowed to watch it because of the taboo topic. Yet i watched it secretly 😎

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Salman falls in love with Rani at someone’s wedding during poondi.

Chat mangni patt biyaah type scene and they were immediately married. Because that was not the focus point of story.


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Salman got Rani pregnant and all type of chichorapan began in the family. Greeting the dunia telling then about the pregnancy. I mean I normally find out about any relative girl giving birth after the delivery and how these bollywood people tell every useless guy  “Falana Maa bannay wali hai” 😒

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The level of chichorapan rased when people suggested pictures to be placed in Rani’s bedroom so that baby will get that face 😒😒😒


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Suddenly there was an accident and Rani had miscarriage.


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But in my eyes the greater twist is to see the greatest on-screen rapist ever Prem Chopra as the family physician who is taking care of heart patient Dadaji Amrish Puri but is also the gynecologist of Rani Mukherji. Versatile or multi talented guy.

Anyway the doctor Prem Chopra said ab Rani dobara kabhi maa nahi ban sakti. Salman and Rani decided to keep it a secret.

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Rani didn’t wanna adopt any baby so she planned to get a surrogate mother but was also not in favour of a test tube baby 😒 Even Phoebe Buffay would have laughed on Rani as Phoebe carried triplets due to test tube.

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Salman found Preity Zinta the cute hooker and offered her a million rupee for her 9-10 months of services. Now this moment gave me interest in the crap of a movie.

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Salman trained her to make her look decent and brought back to introduce to Rani.

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Those days porn was not easily available so such movies were blessing for me. And finally the moment came for which I watched the whole movie

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But to my disappointment there was just a hug and then lights closed 😒 😐 😩

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Surprisingly just that one shot was able to get Priety pregnant 😒 and more surprisingly the three of then became friends and hanged out. I thought some kinda threesome will happen now but nothing happened 🙁

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But Priety started developing feelings for Sallu 😒 and there was the title track “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke”

Family was told that rani is pregnant and rani roamed around wearing a pillow inside her shirt 😒 Reminded me of the time when I watched Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chaand. Pammi was pregnant and her vamp Anu also pretended to be pregnant so roamed around with a pillow tied to her belly. And random people touched her pillow like wow you are so lucky blah blah blah

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There was a pooja in family and Priety was placed in the ghoonghat in place of Rani as that pooja was important for the baby. 😒😕😐


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After that preity clearly confessed her feelings about salman to rani and asked her to give up Salman. Rani was shocked. Rani was damn angry and she called Preity a hooker the way we say aukaat yaad dilana. And at the same moment Preity went in labour.

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 After a few complications in the delivery (just to increase tension) Preity gave birth to the baby in supervision of the same family physician cum gynecologist Prem Chopra who was also taking care of the heart patient Dadaji. She handed over the baby to Rani & Sallu.
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Priety refused to take the money and just left. The shitty movie ended and i was wondering in 2001 why mom and dad restricted me. They should have made me watch the movie as a punishment for some unforgivable crime.


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Suggest us more stupid movies that came back then.

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