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Remembering Junaid Jamshaid, And Those Who Became With Him A Part Of The Tragedy

Who was Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshaid or as he is called, JJ, carries with him an interesting storyline. In this era when extremist movements are prevailing and there is rise of internet Jihadis, well, Junaid Jamshaid was someone who fought hard against the urge to follow worldly careers. He is the example to quote under Jihad bin nafs.

Change of Heart

Maulana Tariq Jameel reports that once his glance passed by this young adult singer on television. Maulana silently made dua for guidance of this boy. Coincidentally (or by fate), this very singer, dragged by a group of seemingly religious acquaintances, came to pay a visit to Tariq Jameel. That is when the popular singer mentioned this ‘hollow’ feeling in his heart as if something was missing. Maulana Tariq Jameel explained that his heart is devoid of ‘imaan’ and this is leading him towards depression.

Who Junaid Jamshaid had became

And this how Junaid Jamshaid’s spiritual journey towards religion Islam began.To understand the spiritual enlightening, we can study his perspective about death (beautiful indeed!) It is not easy for any person to change so much to win the approval of his Lord. And Junaid Jamshaid…… he was a singer! He left money, fame, friends and much more. He even faced many years of financial issues after-which he soon started his chain fabric stores known by his name.

The Crash

This Islamic scholar (and former singer), along with numerous other passengers, left the world in the tragic airplane crash of Flight PK661. It is said that all passengers served their purpose of life.

JJ’s personal goal was to die only when Allah is pleased with him. He was indeed a personality to look up to, a guider.